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A Triumph Over Tragedy Story Preview: Duncan Derring

Triumph Over Tragedy cover

Recently, I had a first,  when my humorous Science Fiction story, Duncan Derring & The Call Of The Lady Luck, was picked up by Triumph Over Tragedy, R.T. Kaelin’s brilliant project to raise funds for the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy. Featuring stories

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10 Self-Help Seminars Few Would Attend

Beyond The Sun Mock Cover large

I was talking with my friend Julia the other day after she put up a post on Facebook about “The Hutchinson Kennel Club is hosting an ATT (American Temperament Test) and we need more dogs or the test will be

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My First Print Zine Short Story Sale Is Out

It took several attempts and some polishing but I finally found a home for one of my more unique, non-space opera science fiction shorts, the third ever short story I wrote. It’s in the latest issue of Tales Of The Talisman, bought

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Top 20 Scientific Answers to Why The Chicken Crossed The Road

Stop Chicken Crossing

I’ve been asked to write a Science Fiction and Fantasy Joke Ebook by Delabarre Publishing, after the success of my 102 More Hilarious Dinosaur Jokes For Kids released August 1st. And in doing research, I came across this and thought

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Cover Reveal: 102 More Hilarious Dinosaur Jokes For Kids

Well, here it is at long last, the cover for my upcoming debut children’s book 102 More Hilarious Dinosaur Jokes For Kids.                             Jeff Rutherford, publisher/editor of Delabarre

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Cover Reveal: My first print magazine sale is finally coming out

Here’s the cover to the next issue of Tales Of The Talisman, and I got a mention. This is the third short story I ever wrote. Quite excited about it. Very much influenced by my time in El Paso. Editor David

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Guest Post: Your Punctuation Personality Type by Leah Petersen

Leah Petersen

Since I am doing a guest Write Tip at Elizabeth Spann Craig’s Mystery Writing Is Murder Blog today, I didn’t want to post another Write Tip here. I’ll have a new one Thursday instead. But I did invite Leah Petersen

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Vlog: Writing Update to Call FM–Novelization Of My Novel (Humor)

Had a great interview on the radio with Call FM’s Ben & Guillermo. At one point, Guillermo and Ben asked about which actor might play characters if my book were made into a movie. Afterwards, Guillermo asked me if there’d

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For Immediate Release: Author Bryan Thomas Schmidt Joins Madonna In No Nipples Policy

Ottawa, KS, January 31, 2012–Author Bryan Thomas Schmidt today announced there would be no revealing of his or other nipples at his book signing at Hastings Books in Lawrence, Kansas this coming Saturday or any other public appearances on his

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An Interview With Lord Xalivar

This interview originally ran at Nicole Peeler’s blog as part of my first blog tour. Thanks to Nicole for the invite to visit her blog on my tour. I wanted to rerun it again here because it was a fun

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Flash Fiction: At The End Of The Road

The prompt was this picture. I imagined what would happen if my friends Tim, Randy, and I took a road trip to seek some profound conclusion and found this at the end of the road. And here’s what I came

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Dr. Conan T. Barbarian–Hacked Faculty Post at Trinity College

Rarely do I post stuff like this but it was so funny I wanted to make sure it’s preserved. It was a harmless hack and obviously done by someone who knows the canon.  Trinity College Dublin School of English Faculty

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Write Tip: 8 Tools For Using Humor In Your Fiction

Humor can be an important part of both character development and reader engagement. When used well, it can endear both writer and characters to readers. When used poorly, it can ruin an otherwise successful tale. Here’s some tips for how

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Thinking Up Ideas…It’s A Process, Okay? (video)

112232 — Click here or below to view.   Like this:Like Loading…

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The Glorious Life Of An About To Be Published Novelist (Video)

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From Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Harrison Ford Reunited With Chewbacca Sketch (video)

I just have to put this on here because it’s hilarious!  I’ve been laughing about it for 24 hours. Great to see Harrison Ford keeping his sense of humor. Horrible Chewie face on the costume but still well done. Like this:Like

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Top 20 Oxymorons

Top Twenty Best Oxymorons #20    Found missing #19    Resident alien #18    Airline food #17    Same difference #16    Government organization #15    Sanitary landfill #14    Alone together #13    Business ethics #12    Sweet sorrow #11    Military intelligence #10    Plastic glasses # 

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