The Exodus (The Saga of Davi Rhii, Book 3)

Author: Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Series: The Saga of Davi Rhii, book 3 (2nd edition)
Released: November 2021
Publisher: WordFire Press
ISBN: 978-1622257942 pb | B09K4M1QJ3 ebook
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The concluding volume in Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s epic space opera trilogy The tyrant Xalivar is dead, and yet the Vertullians are weary of the persecution against their people. They have decided to leave the Borali System and start over somewhere else. But the attacks begin again, first by space pirates, and then by something more. When large numbers of officers from the Borali Alliance military disappear, High Lord Councilor Tarkanius is forced to ally with Davi Rhii and the Vertullian leaders. Once again, they have to face a threat that might destroy them all. Can ancient enemies ever live in peace?

“A fun space opera romp, complete with intrigues, treachery, dastardly villains, and flawed but moral heroes.” – Howard Andrew Jones, Author, The Desert Of Souls, Pathfinder Tales: Plague Of Spells.

“…breathes dynamic new life into the space opera genre. Rich characters, wild action, and devious plotlines collide in a thoroughly entertaining book!” -Jonathan Maberry, NYT bestselling author of Predator One and Deadlands: Ghostwalkers.

“A brisk science fiction novel full of rich characters and settings, it embodies ‘sense of wonder’ in the best traditions of classic science fiction. Well worth your time!” – Robin Wayne Bailey, NYT Bestselling author of Dragonkin and Frost.

“I found myself thinking of stories that I read during my (misspent) youth, including Heinlein juveniles and the Jason January tales, as well as Star Trek and Star Wars.”– Redstone SF