Welcome to the official website of Hugo-nominated editor and author Bryan Thomas Schmidt. We’re so glad you’re here!

A critically praised writer and Hugo-nominated editor of speculative fiction and nonfiction, Bryan also has experience as a technical writer, musician and composer. His works have been published in a variety of places from online ‘zines to magazines and newspapers and even a few corporate manuals.

His books and anthologies have been released through many publishers, including Baen Books, St. Martin’s Press, Fairwood Press, Titan Books, WordFire Press. Novels Bryan has edited include The Martian (2014) by New York Times bestseller Andy Weir, My Big Fat Demonslayer Wedding (2014) by New York Times bestseller Angie Fox, Oshenerth (2015) by New York Times bestseller Alan Dean Foster, City of Angels (2016) and Jupiter Game (forthcoming) by New York Times bestseller Todd J. McCaffrey, and A Game of Authors (2013) by Frank Herbert, amongst others.

Bryan has also edited or written gaming content for Wars (Decipher Inc/Grain Quest Press), Dark Expanse (Deorc), and Ascension (Stoneblade) as well as writing tie-in fiction in The X-Files, Predator, and DECIPHER’S Wars.

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