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Guest Post: The Prize in your Serial by Gail Z. Martin

Gail Z Martin headshot

Please welcome to my blog today on her latest blog tour, the talented Gail Z. Martin. by Gail Z. Martin When I was a kid, I picked my breakfast cereal by the toy surprise in the bottom of the bag.

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Signed Books For Christmas

Still time to order copies of my books for that special someone.  I have copies of all of my titles. Tell me which one you want and if you want it personalized too or just signed. Email me at bryan

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My Schedule for Stan Lee’s Comikaze

Comikaze 2015 logo

Okay, I am going to Los Angeles for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Comic Con, a place I lived for 7 years and have not visited in 19. Excited to see old friends and see how the city has changed. I will

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First Annual Open Reading Period- September 7 through 21, 2015

Well, I said I was going to do it, and so here I am. At present, I don’t do general open calls because I just can’t read through all that would come in for the 3-4 anthologies I do a

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SASQUAN- WORLD CON SCHEDULE – 2015 Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Here’s my schedule for the World Science Fiction Convention, Sasquan, in Spokane, Washington, August 18-23, 2015. I look forward to seeing some of you there. I will be at the WordFire Party, Wednesday night, the Baen Books Party, Thursday Night,

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OsFest Agenda: Bryan Thomas Schmidt – July 31st-August 2, 2015

OsFest8 Agenda – Bryan Thomas Schmidt Friday, July 31st Pantsers vs. Planners – A panel of writers discuss two different approaches to writing, the advantages and disadvantages, varied approaches, etc. Panelists: Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Travis Heermann, Matthew Rotundo, Jason Bougger

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Self-Editing For Writers (Online Class) July 25, 2015

For two years, my editing partner and I have been attending Cons and doing our panel Editing 101 for Writers to great success. We continue to do so, but I wanted to offer a different version of that panel as

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My Schedule: ConQUEST 46 May 22-24, 2015

As usual, I am attending our local Convention, ConQuest Memorial Day weekend. I am moderating and participating on some great panels.  Here’s a list.   ConQuesT 2015 BRYAN THOMAS SCHMIDT‘S SCHEDULE   MAY 22 • FRIDAY   5:00pm –  6:00pm W

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On My First Best Editor, Short Form Hugo Nomination

So I got nominated for a Hugo for Short Form Editing. Wow. Found out two weeks ago and it surprised but thrilled me. I didn’t campaign. A group of people deemed me worthy and nominated me. Since nominating people you

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Why I Am An Editor


I became an editor for three primary reasons: 1) I love reading stories; 2) I love working with and discovering new writers; 3) I like helping others. For me, editing combined all these loves, so it seemed a natural fit.

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WriteTip: Advice On Why No Is Rarely Personal – Handling Rejection For New Writers


Yesterday at ConQuest, a panel discussion led to talks about editors and writers and how much editors love discovering new writers and great new stories. And in the midst of it, I got reminded how intimidated writers often are by

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Conquest 45 Noir Schedule and Details Updated

Well, for the third year in a row I am a panelist and moderator at CONQUEST 45, the local Kansas City Con on Friday May 23rd through Sunday May 25th. Well attended, with, as usual, a great lineup of guests

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For Immediate Release – SFFWRTCHT on Twitter Will End in 2014

Update: SFFWRTCHT has always been a celebration of community: what unites us, not divides us. Although I can’t keep up with the weekly grind any more, given other obligations, we will continue with twice monthly chats beginning in early 2015

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Write Tip: 8 Tips For Getting Blurbs From Name Authors


This week’s Write Tip addresses a question I get a lot. I have been fortunate enough to get blurbs on my books from many well known authors, and people want to know how I manage it. So here are some

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WriteTip: 6 Things Any Writer Can Do To Make Science Fiction and Fantasy Better


You may have noticed there’s a lot of yelling going on in Science Fiction and Fantasy these days. Some yell because they’re angry. Some yell because they’re sick of the yelling. Others yell to be trolls. And the cycle never

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WriteTip: The Importance Of Writing Rules As Boundaries For Learning Craft


Since December of 2010, I’ve been interviewing authors, editors and others almost weekly on craft every Wednesday for SFFWRTCHT, and one of our regular and favorite question is about Best and Worst Writing Advice. It’s always interesting the answers we

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WriteTip: On Writing What You Know As A Search For Truth


  First things first, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts. Apologies to anyone who follows the blog. I honestly ran dry in my well, because I was working on so many creative projects from writing

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For Immediate Release: Broaddus and Schmidt Team With Alliteration Ink For Urban Fantasy Noir Anthology

UPDATE: Sad to say I quit this project due to the unprofessionalism and lack of integrity shown by the publisher. I’ve never looked back. BTS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bram Stoker and Black Quill award nominated editor Maurice Broaddus and editor Bryan

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My Agenda: OryCon 35 Nov. 8-10, 2013

OryCon 35 Launch party Covers

Well, I’m off to Portland Thursday. My first time in Oregon. And I’m looking forward to it. While I was disappointed to not be included in ORYCON programming for the first time ever at a Con in three years, I

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New Blurbs and Reviews For My Newest Anthology Babies — Raygun Chronicles & Beyond The Sun

RC Arc Front cover

We have four blurbs in for my soon to be released pulp space opera anthology so far: “RAYGUN CHRONICLES breathes supercharged life into the space opera genre with exciting and inventive new tales by a superb line-up of writers. This

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Announcing My Schedule For Archon 2013 in St. Louis, October 4-6


This weekend, I will be attending ARCHON 37 in St. Louis, my first time there. I had to cancel last year due to unforseen circumstances and despite living in St. Louis from 2000-2009, this will be my first time attending.

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Write Tip: Creating Releases To Send With Review Copies

Okay, it’s been a few months since I did one of these. I’ll admit, my well was running dry and needed a break to refresh. But I’m going to pick it back up now with a subject that many authors

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Statement on Quitting Blue Shift Magazine

I’ve been delaying this for a month but the time has come to clear my slate. In August, I resigned as editor of Blue Shift after several frustrating circumsatances.  First, while I and several contributors were paid, in some cases more

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My World Con Schedule 2013

LoneStar 3 Con Schedule – Bryan Thomas Schmidt Thursday, August 29 Arrival: 1:30 p.m. on Southwest then scramble to get to hotel, check in, unpack, drop books at dealer room and make: Thu 17:00 – 18:00 Autographing: Taylor Anderson, Paul Herman, Bryan

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Rumors, Scandals and Other People’s Drama, oh my!

I went through a lot of drama in my former marriage due to my wife’s mental illness. I didn’t realize until recent events how much that changed me. For one, I have a very low tolerance for other people’s unnecessary

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Take Time To Be Present aka Turn The Damn Cell Phone Off

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the funeral of two high school friends’ mother. I call it a privilege because this was no somber mournfest. This was a celebration of life and love. In fact, it was so

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Ruminations on Freedom

Freedom is a funny thing. Celebrated far and wide as an ideal. Yet when you have it, you don’t always feel it, because freedom does come with a certain weight of responsibility. Some choose to ignore that. More and more

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Guest Post: Genre Mashups by Michael J. Martinez

I love a good genre mashup. Elves in the 1940s? Awesome. Cybernetic werewolves? Bring it. Steampunk dragons? You bet. Horatio Hornblower in space? …actually, I wrote that, more or less. Crashed a frigate into Mars and everything. Anyway. Take your

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A Culture of The Worst?

I love interacting with people from other cultures. Discovering the world through their eyes, looking through that other lens, exploring it, seeing where it leaves, discovering new questions, new answers, new approaches. It’s why I got hooked on traveling to

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WriteTip: Using Assumption as a Dramatic Device


Since I’ve talked a lot about assumption over the past week, it seems appropriate to point out how useful it can be in creating conflict and tension in your fiction. Assumption is deadly for unity and relationships, most of us

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