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A Culture of The Worst?

I love interacting with people from other cultures. Discovering the world through their eyes, looking through that other lens, exploring it, seeing where it leaves, discovering new questions, new answers, new approaches. It’s why I got hooked on traveling to

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Dear Valentine: A Poem – February 14, 2012

Dear Valentine, I miss you. You’re three thousand miles away. You’re in another hemisphere, where I hear you’re going to stay.   Dear Valentine, my heart is yours, despite the troubles we’ve known. Because good memories are golden and we’ve

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Do Something: Live A Life Of Significance

This is not a lecture. It’s an observation. And it’s not a self-aggrandizing post but I do need to give some detail on my own life to make the point, so I will. Recently, I saw Wayne Koons, a former

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VLog: How To Respond To Reviews

Recently my friend reviewed my book at SFSignal. I never expect anything less than an honest review from reviewers, especially friends. Anything is unhelpful because people tend to see through it anyway and because honest evaluation is the only thing

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Why Is Respecting Others So Hard?

I like to post things which are interesting on my Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, etc. I do it because they made me think and perhaps others will think, too. I hang with a lot of writers and smart people who like

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Life, Death and Other Ruminations (Thoughts On Suicide & Depression)

Okay, it’s Write Tips day, I know. Mondays I always post them. But this week I don’t have one ready, and part of the reason is that I just can’t get suicide off my mind. I got news yesterday that

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Hello 2012! Good Riddance 2011! (Predictions & Reflections)

Well, 2011 is gone and I am as glad as anyone it will never return. I thought 2010 was a bad year but 2011 was so much worse. In may 2010, I lost my full time job. By the end

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Still Skeptical On GW Theory But That’s Beside The Point

It’s been a while since my last Global Warming post, so I feel like making an update for various reasons. (Mostly because it’s on my mind at the moment.) The more I look into it, the more I remain convinced

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What I Want For Christmas: True Tolerance From Tolerance Demanders

What do I want for Christmas? Well it’s the same thing as last year really. And ironically something everyone could give but most won’t. What is it? I want people to think about what they say and how they say

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Reality Check: Thoughts On American Education

True story. In college, I said “I’m never going to use Algebra and Calculus and you all know it. Give me a math class I can use.” They shook their heads, smiled at me like I was daft, and put

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Losing Our Sense of Common Humanity: The Difference Between Acceptance & Agreement

I continue to be amazed these days by the inability of people to separate acceptance from agreement.   ac·cept·ance  [ak-sep-tuhns]  Show IPA noun 1. the act of taking or receiving something offered. 2. favorable reception; a·gree·ment  [uh-gree-muhnt]  Show IPA noun 1. the act of agreeing or of coming to a mutual arrangement. 2. the state of being in accord.   While acceptance is sometimes equated

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The Hazards Of Online-Speak & The Loss Of Grammar

I didn’t even realize this problem existed until recently. At the airport in Atlanta, I spoke with a college instructor who’s taught for forty years, and then I heard about it again at interviews for a job at a local

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Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishing: Why Quality Still Matters

On my Facebook page, the other day, I lamented the fact that lost in the present debate over PC terminology surrounding the Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishing debate are some good points about contracts, quality and other concerns. This led to

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Why I Used A Real Religion In The Worker Prince & Why You’ll Enjoy It Anyway

Boy, we live in strange times. That’s never been more clear to me than by watching the way some people blanch at the audacity I must have to put a real religion in my novel. The Worker Prince is the story

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Community: An African Perspective

The United States was founded on common principles: above all, was a respect for freedom of ideas and ideologies, the desire for a place where people could be who they are, practice what they believe and live in peace with

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Lucy: Tribute To A Companion

 This is an essay I wrote after my 18.5 year old cat died. I got her in college and she was with me almost half my life. I was devastated by the loss and timing and I still miss her

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Grandma’s Scrapbook: Downsizing NASA & The Expiration Of Wonder

My Grandma was an amazing woman–great cook, great teacher, great friend, and great storyteller. And oh how she loved for us to sit with her and look at pictures or books so she could tell stories. Grandma loved to compile

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Books Read This Year…so far

Rage Of The Behemoth, Ed. Jason M. Waltz, Rogue Blades Ent. The Black God’s War: A Novella, Moses Siregar, III, self Predators I Have Known, Alan Dean Foster, Open Road A Hymn Before Battle, John Ringo, Baen Shades Of Milk

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Networking & First Impressions

This blog is focused on writing–craft, business and careers. And part of any successful writing career is networking. When you work in a creative business, you run into a lot of people whose ideas and approaches differ from your own.

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Ruminations on Freedom

I’ve always been a big believer in freedom. As a creative person, since I was very young, freedom was very important to me. The right to express myself. The right to make choices. The right to be in control. The

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How To Let Your Characters Grieve Well

One of the keys to good writing, writing which pops off the page and carries the reader away, is depicting characters’ emotions realistically. If we can feel what they feel, if it moves us to laugh or get angry or

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To The Woman I Fell In Love With

heart cloud love

Okay, this is going to be a departure from the usual topics but tonight I just need to do this one for me. There was a woman I fell in love with. We met in the Portuguese Speakers Wanting To

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The Importance of Preparedness In Event of Family Crisis

Okay, this is a departure from the usual focus of this blog. But most of you know I have been going through a huge crisis with my wife, Bianca. Bianca has Bipolar Disorder I, a serious mental illness which involves

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Memories of My Wife Bianca

Last Tuesday, 1 month before our 4th anniversary, I had to put my wife in the mental hospital against her will for the second time. Bianca is a highly intelligent, gentle, sweet, giving, joyful person. But when her bipolar II

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I Celebrate Our Differences and Commonalities In Calling You Friend

Today I got a petition in the mail which sparked something in me because it’s about an issue I’m passionate about: abortion. I’m not going to go into details here, because that’s not what this post is about. Instead, I

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Guest Post From Laura Kreitzer: Human Trafficking & Phantom Universe

Because she’s awesome, and because she’s my good friend, I have invited Laura Kreitzer to be my first guest blogger here. Please read this very important post on the crime of human trafficking — Bryan Hello Literary-Folk! My name is

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Tribute to my Beloved Cat: Lucy, 18.5 years old, died Feb. 2010

A tribute to my dear 18.5 year old first child who died a year ago in my arms. I’ll always remember the day she came home to live with me – so small she could sit inside my open hand, so

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I Believe In Stewardship Not Global Warming

In January 1989, while out in Los Angeles preparing to transfer colleges, I interviewed actor Ted Danson for my college newspaper because he was an alumnus.  During that interview, Danson discussed his passion for the American Ocean’s Campaign (now Oceana),

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My Health Care Plan

Since I wear my heart and my opinions on my sleeve, most people probably already know that I am not a fan of Obama or Obama Care. There are many reasons for this, most related to the fact that I

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