Dear Valentine: A Poem – February 14, 2012

Dear Valentine,

I miss you.

You’re three thousand miles away.

You’re in another hemisphere,

where I hear you’re going to stay.


Dear Valentine,

my heart is yours,

despite the troubles we’ve known.

Because good memories are golden

and we’ve got by far way more of those.


Dear Valentine,

my heart is broken,

from just longing day by day

for you to come back home again,

and promise that you’ll stay.


Dear Valentine,

I took for granted,

things were so good they seemed plain.

And I’m sorry I forgot

how much I treasured every day.


Dear Valentine,

God Bless You,

whatever paths your life may take.

May your world be full of laughter,

may you smile and jest and play.


Dear Valentine,

you’re not forgotten.

And worry not, you’ll never be.

For, my Valentine, when you went away,

you took a piece of me.

It’s been since June that she’s gone. It’s my first Valentines without her present in four years and the first in seven years without her as my Valentine. So I’m thinking of her, one of the great loves of my life…lost. And wishing somehow things could be different for us. Knowing they can’t be.

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