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5/07/14—Doug Hulick
5/14/14—Ben Bova
5/21/14—Jodi McIsaac
5/28/14— Elizabeth Moon
6/04/14—Paul Goat Allen
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6/18/14—Greg Van Eekhout
6/25/14—Kevin J. Anderson
7/02/14—Scott Lynch
7/09/14—Kat Richardson

Well, after a brief break for the July 4th, holiday, the blog tour for my second novel, The Returning, has resumed and I’m late posting links to it but here they are:  Friday July 6 Heidi Ruby Miller Heidi’s Pick Six Interview Saturday July 7 FMW Podcast Interview Monday July 9 Jeremy C. Shipp The Value  [ Read More ]

Rather than Links Of The Week, which was becoming hard to keep up with, I am going to try monthly links posts with the best web links I discover each month. It’s easier for me and you, because all the links will be in the same place. So here are some reads I found particularly  [ Read More ]

Categories: General — an ebook on creating amazing videos — Author David Farland on the future of publishing — Preview the exciting new Philip K. Dick based “Radio Free Albemuth” movie — Kristine Kathryn Rusch on publishing, agents, and agents as publishers Cool science: Lost Pyramids discovered underground in Egypt from space:  [ Read More ]

Categories: General — Juliette Wade on subtle bias in language and how it effects people’s reactions to the text in job listings, etc. Food for thought. A very helpful post on marketing books for authors from @yukongraham via Twitter:  Helpful post from my friend Sam Sykes (Tome Of the Undergates, Black Halo) on the pitfalls of the  [ Read More ]

Categories: General

After a long delay, more helpful links: — Former agent Nathan Bransford offers a glossary of publishing lingo. Very helpful reference.;_medium=feed&utm;_campaign=Feed%3A+GraspingForTheWind+%28Grasping+For+The+Win — my interview with author Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a lot of good info for writers. First in a column I’ll be doing weekly. — How To Give a Beneficial Critique — SF Signal’s  [ Read More ]

Categories: General — non-traditional stores are selling more books than ever. Good news for authors, marketers, and publishers. And also for readers. – a workshop on worldbuilding for fantasy authors and a contest to boot. — Kat Richardson writes up her talk from Rainforest Writers Village Session 2 on “Setting” – a slushreader explains  [ Read More ]

Categories: General — Black Gate column discussing what is epic fantasy?;=689201067 — Why heroes are still important, related to the above. Another perspective: — Great post on Show V. Tell–often a bane of writer’s existences– by the talented Juliette Wade. — Great post by Felicity Shoulders on dealing with rejection as a writer. —  [ Read More ]

Categories: General — important information on rights and using photos online. Important for every blogger and website owner. — My extremely smart and talented friend Juliette Wade offers her perspective on controversy over approaches to good v. evil in fantasy — a successful self-published author rates the various self-pub options and his experiences with them. —  [ Read More ]

Categories: General — Jon Sprunk writes on about the problems with basing your speculative fiction on Role Playing Games. — Science commentator asks if political bias is a problem in science. I think it is but either way, thought provoking. — Cory Doctorow’s Publisher’s Weekly column on the release of his short story collection  [ Read More ]

Categories: General — 20 Awesomely Untranslatable Words From Around The World — 20 Obsolete English Words Which Should Make a Comeback (this one comes courtesy of Mary Robinette Kowal and is quite amusing) — brilliantly helpful, simplified post on how to correctly use key punctuation in English. Very useful for writers. –Taxes For Writers,  [ Read More ]

Categories: General – funny truth for cat owners. — Top 5 Internet Marketing Ideas You Probably Don’t Know About.  Good tips for writers especially. — From my friend Jay Lake, one of the funnier videos I’ve seen in a while with a musician ranting about hating “Pachelbel’s Canon.” — what not to write in your  [ Read More ]

Categories: General;_medium=twitter — A great example from Bill Shunn of the “entitlement gone wrong” mentality plaguing our society. This kind of crap goes on all the time and it always ticks me off. – Pope Benedict reconciles God and the Big Bang.  Interesting. — Discussion on the future of publishing with Del Rey Spectra, Fantasy &  [ Read More ]

Categories: General – includes books reviewed here among others.;_medium=feed&utm;_campaign=Feed:+BadAstronomyBlog+(Bad+Astronomy)&utm;_content=FaceBook — First solid exoplanet found.  Fascinating science.;_medium=twitter — Editing  & Proofreading Tips to Improve Your Own Writing — one of the funnier news stories I’ve read in a long while.!5735083/10-flame+throwing-contraptions-thatll-keep-those-dang-kids-off-your-lawn – Another great laugh from I09: Flame Throwing Contraptions That’ll Keep Those Dang Kids  [ Read More ]

Categories: General — thoughtful post on the internet as a distraction for writers. — writer Jason Sanford’s essay on how one famous writer’s tendency to accuse others of plaigarism has harmed his own legacy. — scientists rethinking the theories of human ancestry,4236/ – good laugh for Asimov and SF fans;_medium=twitter – Thoughts  [ Read More ]

Categories: General – Paul Goat Allen’s ongoing series in best of Science Fiction books for 2010. – Fantasy authors you haven’t heard of but should look for, includes my World Fantasy Con roomie Moses Siregar. — Funny post about a conversation Patrick Hester had with his cat which all cat owners can relate to.  [ Read More ]

Categories: General

I tweet a lot of links and such as I come across worthwhile stuff throughout the week. I’ve decided to start listing the best of them here so that those who don’t use Twitter or don’t keep up with all the links have a chance to track them down later.  I hope you enjoy this.  [ Read More ]

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