Links of the Week, Vol. 2, Issue 6 — Jon Sprunk writes on about the problems with basing your speculative fiction on Role Playing Games. — Science commentator asks if political bias is a problem in science. I think it is but either way, thought provoking. — Cory Doctorow’s Publisher’s Weekly column on the release of his short story collection via Lulu. Interesting stuff re: publishing. — Fascinating essay on “The Death of Science Fiction!5762349/stardust-probe-sifts-through-the-remains-of-a-collision-between-comet-and-machine
— Comet and Machine collide and provide valuable data on the makeup of a comet — Mr. Rogers learns to break dance. A funny reminder of a great show. — Passionate, moving article of a doctor’s reaction to attending the funeral of one of her cancer patients.