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New 4 star Amazon Review for “The Worker Prince” - Read about my debut novel here

This review took me to over 20 so the book will show up in more searches now, so that’s a real blessing, too. 4.0 out of 5 stars Gladiator, Moses, Skywalker, Rhii, July 25, 2012 By David Mark Brown “hache” (Nampa, Idaho) – See

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Review: Thieftaker by D.B.Jackson: Compelling, Authentic, Couldn’t Put It Down

Thieftaker Jackson

Imagine, if you will, the dark streets of Boston. Trouble is afoot, a revolution against the wealthy and the authorities. Equality and justice are demanded by protesting crowds, some of which get out of hand at times, leading to smoky,

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Review: CassaFire by Alex J. Cavanaugh

Cassa Fire, Space Opera, Dancing Lemur Press, 2012. Tpb/ebook $15.95/$4.99 An enjoyable read with well drawn leads that takes a while to suck you in but ultimately rises above its faults to provide a compelling and enjoyable read. I have

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Apex Reviews: The Worker Prince – 4 Star Review

This one’s not so easy to find online. I don’t even have a link, so I’ll reprint a jpg here so you can see it for yourselves.   Like this:Like Loading…

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Review: Star Wars-The Old Republic: Deceived by Paul S. Kemp

For me, Star Wars books are often like comfort food — familiar, not overly surprising, but good, an enjoyable way to pass the time. So when I scheduled Paul Kemp for my interview chat, I was surprised to learn his

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Review: Predators I Have Known by Alan Dean Foster

A compelling read filled with sparkling prose about the author’s adventures outside his culture and comfort zone encountering predators around the world and even in his own yard. Rich in detail with a good sense of self-deprecation mixed with genuine

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Review: Shades Of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal

First, a couple of disclaimers might be appropriate: I like Mary Robinette Kowal. She’s a nice person, the kind who is easy to converse with and who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Vice President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Review: The Black God’s War by Moses Siregar III

Two sons, one an embarrassment, the other prophesied to rule the world. Two armies, facing each other for nine years of war. A tortured princess. A bodyguard torn between duty and love. Moses Siregar III’s “The Black God’s War” novella has

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Review: Tome of the Undergates by Sam Sykes

A great read and one I wish I’d had time to read straight through without so many interruptions.  It captured me from the get go and kept me entertained throughout. The first in a new sword and sorcery series, “Tome

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The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi

Well written and powerful, it’s easy to see why Paolo Bacigalupi’s “The Windup Girl” has been so acclaimed and awarded.  The story of people in the Thai Kingdom, somewhere in the future, the story is told through multiple points of

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Review: Ken Scholes’ Antiphon When I discovered Ken Scholes’ Lamentation, it was on a TOR ad inside the front cover of an issue of The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy last fall. Being a man of faith, the title immediately caught my

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Review: Kilimanjaro by Mike Resnick

Okay, yes, I know what I said. I am not neglecting Antiphon. I started it today. But my review of Kirinyaga sparked another enjoyable discussion with the author who then proceeded to provide me with manuscripts of all the other

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Review: Kirinyaga by Mike Resnick

Yes, yet another Resnick review from me. Before I get to the actual review, let me answer the inevitable resounding “Whys?” echoing from my many readers (2, 3? I’ve lost count, time for another census). I started reading Resnick for

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Review: Ivory by Mike Resnick

What I love about Mike Resnick, among other things, is his non-pretentious prose style. He doesn’t write like he has a dictionary out to look up the fanciest words for saying everything in an attempt to impress you. Instead, he

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Review: Mike Resnick’s Inferno

I finally finished the three book series comprised of Paradise, Purgatory and Inferno — Chronicles Of Distant Worlds. Each of the three was a great read, but they just got better as I went along. Purgatory was better than Paradise

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Review: Starman’s Quest by Robert Silverberg

When you pick up a book written in 1958, especially by a 19-year-old writer, you expect it to be out of date and perhaps even a little weak. But I loved this book. It’s short and tight, but masterful as

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Review: Rabbit

Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider is the story of the famous novelist Beth Rider, author of vampire books and a Christian, who finds herself being pursued by the Rakum, an ancient order of vampires. Labelled a “Rabbit,” a marked target, by

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Reviews: A Canticle For Leibowitz/Death Of A Starship

I am behind on my blogging, so apologies to anyone who actually follows this. I just finished two great science fiction books and thought I’d review them here back to back. The first is the all-time classic “A Canticle For

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Review: Purgatory by Mike Resnick

Recently read Mike Resnick’s 1993 book Purgatory, the first in a three-book series. What a great read! I couldn’t put it down. As you may know, Resnick is one of the most prolific and successful of Science Fiction writers. His

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Review: Deadman Switch by Timothy Zahn

Timothy Zahn is one of my favorite writers and has been very influential in my own writing. Like me, Zahn writes a lot of space opera, and he’s most famous for his Thrawn series of Star Wars novels. But he’s

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Review: Spellwright by Blake Charlton

If you haven’t met Nicodemus Weal, you should. He’s the kind of character that will touch your heart and change your perspective. A brilliant debut by a talented writer, Spellwright‘s story is all the more intriguing because it parallels the

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Review: Lamentation by Ken Scholes

One of the things I want to do from time to time is review books by other authors which I have really enjoyed. The first such entry is Lamentation, Book 1 in the Psalms of Isak, by my friend Ken

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