The Worker Prince Blog Tour–Schedule & Introduction

WP Blog Tour stops:

Being a small press, Diminished Media Group can’t afford to send me to big cities on a book tour. Instead, I am doing the tour online. Thanks to generous friends, I will be appearing on 29 blogs and 1 podcast as part of this tour. Here are the dates, links and a description of what you can expect to find. I hope you’ll check it out. For general information on the novel itself, click here. NOTE: Since the links don’t go live until the date scheduled, clicking links early will not find the specific links. Please keep that in mind.

Oct. 1 – intro and schedule/ Residential Aliens: Rivalry On A Sky Course (Davi Rhii prequel story)
Oct. 2 Anthony Cardno –  Exclusive Excerpt From Chapter 10/Author Interview
Oct. 3 SF Signal – Guest Post: 15 Science Fiction Classics With Religious Themes
Oct. 4 Brian Knight –Interview with me & Davi Rhii/Author Bio/Blurb
Oct. 5 Juliette Wade – Guest Post: The Worker Prince, Worldbuilding & The Clashes of Culture
Oct. 6 Jaleta Clegg – Review: The Worker Prince
Oct. 7 Travis Perry – Author Interview
Oct. 8 Grace Bridges – Review: The Worker Prince
Oct. 9 Nicole Peeler – Interview with Lord Xalivar (antagonist, The Worker Prince)
Oct. 10 Grasping For The Wind – Exclusive Excerpt of Chapter 3/Author Interview/Mediation Between Xalivar and Davi Rhii
Oct. 11 Rick Copple – Review: The Worker Prince
Oct. 12 Mary Pax – Guest Post: Coming Of Age & The Quest To Belong/Book Blurb
Oct. 13 Gene Doucette – Author Interview
Oct. 14 Sarah Hendrix – Author Interview
Oct. 15 William J. Corbin/Silverthorn Press  – Author Interview
Oct. 16 Mae Empson  – Interview & Excerpt: Chapter 7
Oct. 17 L.M. Stull – Interview
Oct. 18 Jamie Todd Rubin – Dialogue: Golden Age SF’s Influence on The Worker Prince
Oct. 19 Bibliophile Stalker/Charles Tan – Guest Post: 7 Tips For Being A Good Beta Reader
Oct. 20 Andrew Reeves – Author Spotlight/Excerpt from Chapter 5
Oct. 21 Raymond Masters – Review: The Worker Prince
Oct. 22 Laura Kreitzer – Laura & Bryan Talk Writing
Oct. 23 Jenn Baker/Pony Tails Book Reviews – Review: The Worker Prince
Oct. 24 Functional Nerds  – Guest Post: Working With A Small Press For Authors
Oct. 25 Simon C. Larter – Excerpt
Oct. 26 Matthew Sanborn Smith – Guest Post: My Approach To Storytelling
Oct. 27 Jeremy C. Shipp – Guest Post: The Importance of Strong Heroines
Oct. 28 AISFP  – Guest Post: Why I Like Old Fashioned Heroes
Oct. 29 Patty Jansen – Guest Post: How To Promote With Social Media Without Offense
Oct. 30 Moses Siregar – Guest Post: Relatable Characters
Oct. 31 Livia Blackburne – Guest Post: SFFWRTCHT & How To Run A Social Media Event
Nov. 1 Functional Nerds Podcast #78 – Bryan Thomas Schmidt

These bloggers and I have worked hard to give you quality, unique content every day. Even the interviews are different. So I hope you’ll take the time to visit their sites and poke around a bit to see what they’re all about. They’re good people all and I’m honored by their friendship and support!

Bryan Thomas Schmidt is the author of the space opera novel The Worker Prince, the collection The North Star Serial, and has several short stories forthcoming in anthologies and magazines. He’s also the host ofScience Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat every Wednesday at 9 pm EST on Twitter, where he interviews people like Mike Resnick, AC Crispin, Kevin J. Anderson and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. He can be found online as @BryanThomasS on Twitter or via his website. Excerpts from The Worker Prince can be found on his blog.