Rainforest Writers’ Village Session 2 Day 2

Today was a much better day as far as productivity. No more sickness, a settling into the routine. I produced 2725 words today, and despite the later hour, if inspiration hits later, I’ll keep going. The work today was all focused on novel 2 of which Chapter 4 is now close to complete. Although I still have other projects with me which need work, today I decided to focus. I hadn’t written on the novel in a week, and it was time to get back into it.

I also mailed off my signed book contract today for the first novel in this series, “The Worker Prince” which is due for release in late Summer. The editing notes are pending and artwork is being arranged. We’re on the road to publication, a good feeling.

I also finally got around to watching two movies today which I have long wanted to. “How To Train Your Dragon” is fantastic, a charming, fun, well made story which my friend Andy Romine worked on. At the moment, I am watching “Inception” for the second time. The first I was more distracted and didn’t pay as much attention. Those who’ve seen it know this movie requires focus and I am trying to do that tonight to see what all the fuss is about. Watching stories like this also inspires me. “Dragon” got me thinking how my first anthology acceptance, “Amélie’s Guardian” would make a wonderful children’s book and movie. And “Inception” is a complexity of storytelling which challenges me to dig deeper and try harder.

The nature and presence of other writers continues to inspire me here. Had a great chat with Kat Richardson and my friend Sandra Wickham today. Kat has a number of books out, yet treated me like a peer, which felt good. Mary Robinette Kowal has been much the same. I appreciate their generosity and kindness. And the encouragement of their joining us here in the community experience.

Tomorrow’s our last full day, and I hope to finish Chapter 4 and either finish a short story or start Chapter 5. I also hope to get in some nature time to explore the area, see the world’s largest spruce and take a few more pictures to commemorate the experience. It truly is the chance of a lifetime for me, and I am encouraged just to be here. I feel like a part of the larger community, like I’m making real progress. It’s a good feeling.

For what it’s worth…