The Hitherto Secret Adventures of Marie Curie

Editors: Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Henry L. Herz
Cover Artist: Kathryn Galloway English
Released: April 2023
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
ISBN: 9781665047036 (hardcover) / B0B9HNBW47 (Ebook) / B0B8M2D1CF (audio)


#1 bestseller in hardcover & audiobook

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Luckily for humanity, scientist Marie Curie applied her brilliant mind and indomitable spirit to expanding the frontiers of science, but what if she had instead drifted toward the darkness?

At the cusp of between child- and adulthood, at the crossroads between science and superstition, a teen Marie Curie faces the factual and the fantastic in this fabulous collection of stories that inspire, delight, and ask the question: What if she had used her talents for diabolical purposes?

The Hitherto Secret Experiments of Marie Curie
includes twenty short stories and poems by award-winning writers including New York Times bestselling authors Seanan McGuire, Scott Sigler, Jane Yolen, Alethea Kontis, and Jonathan Maberry, plus Sarah Beth Durst, Lissa Price, Christine Taylor-Butler, Mylo Carbia, Jo Whittemore, Dee Leone, Susanne L. Lambdin, Steve Pantazis, Emily McCosh, Henry Herz, Bryan Thomas Schmidt & GP Charles.

HISTORICAL OVERVIEW: MarieCurie by HenryHerz
DARK LADY, Salomea by Jane Yolen
UNCROWNED Kings by Seanan McGuire
MARYA’S Monster by Alethea Kontis
SHARDS of Me by Lissa Price
FIGHT or Flight by Jo Whittemore
THREE Ravens by Mylo Carbia
The MAGIC of Science by Bryan Thomas Schmidt & G .P .Charles
HORSE Cart by Jane Yolen
A Glow in the Dark by Scott Sigler
Retribution by Christine Taylor-Butler
THE COLD White Ones by Susanne L .Lambdin
CHEATING Death by Henry L. Herz
ASHARD OF Sunlit Shadow by Emily McCosh
SHE WALKS BETWEEN Heaven and Hell by Jane Yolen
Silence Them by Dee Leone
EXPERIMENTS with Fire by Sarah Beth Durst
The PRIZE by Steve Pantazis
The BEAST by Stacia Deutsch
The NIGHT FLYERS by Jonathan Maberry
MARYA’S Precious Pill by Jane Yolen
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“…Contributors coherently spin tales that ambitiously explore themes of grief, loss, occupation and oppression, and systemic misogyny. Those inspired by Curie’s accomplishments will find much to enjoy in this intriguing work.” – Publisher’s Weekly (Read full review HERE)

After an opening grounds readers in the basics of the life of Marya Salomea Skłodowska, better known as Marie Curie, as well as the important people and places of her youth, 16 authors imagine her youth, with mixed-genre twists. The more grounded stories imagine Marya using her scientific know-how to solve mysteries and save lives; these intermingle with tales of her hunting monsters and raising the dead.” – Kirkus Reviews (Read full review HERE)

“The editors have gathered an impressive assortment of both bestselling authors and newer voices to tell Curie’s tale… The stories are at their best when Marya is able to use her burgeoning knowledge of science and the scientific method to tackle the obstacles before her…”—Washington Independent Review of Books (Read the full review HERE)