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Guest Book Review: Lavie Tidhar’s excellent Camera Obscura

15 Classics Of Science Fiction and Fantasy With Religious Themes

15 Science Fiction and Fantasy Thrillers Worth Your Time


Adventures In SF Publishing:

The Importance Of The Responsible Use Of History In Fiction

Is Critical Thinking A Dying Art?

The Importance Of Keeping An Open Mind To The Fiction Of Ideas

The Importance Of Faith As An Element in Realistic SFF Worldbuilding

The Importance Of Risk Taking In Fiction Writing

The Problem With Moral Ambiguity In Fiction

The Importance Of Contextualization When Reading Classic Science Fiction

Is There Room For Positive Stories In Science Fiction and Fantasy?

Why I Like Old Fashioned Heroes



Suvudu Guest Post: Great Stories Never Die, They’re Just ReBorn

Bookworm Blues-Special Needs In Strange Worlds Series/ADHD:

Juliette Wade/Talk To Your Universe – Guest Post: The Worker Prince, Worldbuilding & The Clashes of Culture

Nicole Peeler – Interview with Lord Xalivar (antagonist, The Worker Prince)

Grasping For The Wind Mediation Between Xalivar and Davi Rhii

Mary Pax – Guest Post: Coming Of Age & The Quest To Belong/Book Blurb

Jamie Todd Rubin – Dialogue: Golden Age SF’s Influence on The Worker Prince

Bibliophile Stalker/Charles Tan – Guest Post: 7 Tips For Being A Good Beta Reader

Laura Kreitzer – Laura & Bryan Talk Writing

Functional Nerds  – Guest Post: Working With A Small Press For Authors

Matthew Sanborn Smith – Guest Post: My Approach To Storytelling

Jeremy C. Shipp – Guest Post: The Importance of Strong Heroines

Patty Jansen – Guest Post: How To Promote With Social Media Without Offense

Moses Siregar – Guest Post: Relatable Characters

Livia Blackburne – Guest Post: SFFWRTCHT & How To Run A Social Media Event


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