Space Battles: Full Throttle Space Tales #6

Space Battles edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt - front coverEditor: Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Cover Artist: Laura Givens
Released: April 2012
Publisher: Flying Pen Press
ISBN: 978-0-9845927-5-3
Buy: AmazonGoodreads

“War has always been a part of human existence, and those battles will spill into deep space. Space Battles is a collection of science fiction short stories focused on war in space, as seventeen authors come together and discuss the next generation of combat. From ships that can think for themselves, how much one is really willing to sacrifice, and other dilemmas that may face us in the future. For those enraptured by deep space and the far future, Space Battles is a strongly enticing collection, not to be missed.—Midwest Book Reviews, October 2012

   “Between the Rocks” by Anna Paradox
   “The Thirteens” by Gene Mederos
   “Like So Much Refuse” by Simon C. Larter
   “Jump Point Blockade” by David Lee Summers
   “First Contact” by Patrick Hester
   “Isis ” by Dana Bell
   “The Book of Enoch” by Matthew Cook
   “The Joystick War” by Jean Johnson
   “Never Look Back” by Grace Bridges
   “The Gammi Experiment” by Sarah Hendrix
   “Space Battle of the Bands” by C. J. Henderson
   “A Battle for Parantwer” by Anthony R. Cardno
   “With All Due Respect” by Johne Cook
   “Final Defense” by Selene O’Rourke
   “Bait and Switch” by Jaleta Clegg
   “The Hand of God” by Bryan Thomas Schmidt(a Davi Rhii story)
   “Guard Dog” by Mike Resnick and Brad R. Torgersen

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