The Complete Saga of Davi Rhii

Series: The Saga of Davi Rhii
Author: Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Cover Artist: Audra Redington
Released: October 2021
Publisher: Boralis Books
ISBN: 978-1-62225-7881 hardcover | 978-1-62225-7898 ebook
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Hugo-nominated, national bestselling author Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s epic space opera saga captures the feel of the original Star Wars like no other, Moses meets Star Wars,

The Saga of Davi Rhii. Book 1, The Worker Prince received Honorable Mention on Paul Goat Allen’s Year’s Best Science Fiction Releases of 2011 at, alongside books by Ben Bova, Robert J. Sawyer, Jack Campbell, Ernest Cline and more. The Saga is presented here with all three novels and two short stories collected in one beautifully designed omnibus.

Davi Rhii discovers that while he may have been raised a prince, heir to an empire, he was born a slave, a worker, and sets out to find the truth. What he discovers leads him on a quest of discovery that pits him against his evil uncle, Lord Xalivar, ruler of the Borali Alliance, and old rivals as Davi leads a rebellion to set the workers free.

New York Times bestselling author Robin Wayne Bailey described it as “full of rich characters and settings, it embodies ‘sense of wonder’ in the best traditions of classic science fiction.” While Brenda Cooper says, “(It) will appeal to readers of all ages.” A roaring epic filled with classic tropes and homages to space operas of old, The Saga of Davi Rhii is a thrill ride a minute.


“A fun space opera romp, complete with intrigues, treachery, dastardly villains, and flawed but moral heroes.” – Howard Andrew Jones, Author, The Desert Of Souls, Pathfinder Tales: Plague Of Spells.

“…breathes dynamic new life into the space opera genre. Rich characters, wild action, and devious plotlines collide in a thoroughly entertaining book!” -Jonathan Maberry, NYT bestselling author of Predator One and Deadlands: Ghostwalkers.

“A brisk science fiction novel full of rich characters and settings, it embodies ‘sense of wonder’ in the best traditions of classic science fiction. Well worth your time!” – Robin Wayne Bailey, NYT Bestselling author of Dragonkin and Frost.

“I found myself thinking of stories that I read during my (misspent) youth, including Heinlein juveniles and the Jason January tales, as well as Star Trek and Star Wars.”– Redstone SF