GUYS, I’m proud to be a member of International Association of Science Fiction Authors. IASFA regularly offers bundles and interviews with indie authors through their newsletter to over 10,000 subscribers. And this month, I am pleased to have two novels be a part of their promotion. SIMON SAYS and SHORTCUT!

It’s an All Science Fiction Novel Bundle, with a bunch of great novels for 99 cents or free and it runs from Sept. 24 (today) through Sept. 28 (Thursday).

To get to the good stuff, click here: 99 CENT BOOKS

Here’s a brief interview I did with IAFSA about SHORTCUT:

Bryan Thomas Schmidt, author of Shortcut

I write hard science fiction thrillers. I love the real world stuff and how it drives the story, from ride alongs with actual police to science and maths, even pop culture. For me, I love being able to learn new things and then use it to make the movie in my head come alive in words. At least that’s how I hope it works out.

The research is a lot of work but worth it. But I spent hours and even years on Shortcut. It’s nice to be able to build on that now beyond just the novel to do some other stories. With John Simon, I spent hours up all night riding through the most dangerous neighborhoods in Kansas City with the police doing real world research. I visit all the real settings and take notes. I love being able to use that to make things more vivid and real, even when I’m inventing new locations, people, and things.

If you like good adventure and suspense mixed with humor and fascinating characters, even a bit of real science and math, you should enjoy my stuff.

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