Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age

Raygun Chronicles Space Opera for a New Age edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt - front coverEditor: Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Cover Artist: Paul Pederson
Released: December 2013
Publisher: Every Day Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9881257-5-9
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“Good old fashioned fun awaits within!” — Glen Cook, Author of BLACK COMPANY

“Essay: Taking Back the Sky” by Johne Cook
“Frontier ABCs: The Life and Times of Charity Smith, Schoolteacher” by Seanan McGuire
“Rick the Robber Baron” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“To the Shores of Triple, Lee!” by A. M. Stickel
“The Silver Dollar Saucer” by Lou Antonelli
“Around the Bend” by Sarah A. Hoyt
“Sword of Saladin” by Michael S. Roberts
“Malfunction” by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks
“Catastrophe Baker and the Ship Who Purred” by Mike Resnick
“Holly Defiant” by Brenda Cooper
“Shooting the Devil’s Eye” by Keanan Brand
“Last, Full Measure” by A. M. Roelke
“Spider on a Sidewalk” by Paula R. Stiles
“King of the Galaxy Knights” by Robin Wayne Bailey
“The Slavers of Ruhn” by Rob Mancebo
“Can Giraffes Change Their Spots?” by Jenny Schwartz
“Captain Quasar and the Insurmountable Barrier of Space Junk” by Milo James Fowler
“Conversion” by Shaun Farrell
“Twilight World” A. C. Crispin
“Catastrophe Baker in the Hall of the Neptunian Kings” by Mike Resnick
“Ever Dark” by T. M. Hunter
“Nor to the Strong” by Michael Merriam
“Space Opera” by Peter J. Wacks
“The Heiress of Air” by Allen M. Steele
“Saint Orick” by David Farland
“The Legend of Rae Raygun” (poem) by Kaolin Fire

“RAYGUN CHRONICLES breathes supercharged life into the space opera genre with exciting and inventive new tales by a superb line-up of writers. This is why science fiction will live forever!”–Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of PATIENT ZERO.

“RAYGUN CHRONICLES is an impressive anthology with an impressive list of contributors, a real showcase of the color and scope of what science fiction can be.”–Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of the Saga of Seven Suns
“Wonder, adventure, romance, humor-space opera delivers all of these, and this anthology brings together some of the finest talent in the business. Strange new worlds await. So lower your shields, engage your thrusters, and prepare to jump to warp speed!” — Dave Wolverton, New York Times Bestselling author of Star Wars: The Courtship of Prince Leia

“These stories bring the reader back to the days when we dreamt of blasters and flying cars. Golden age space opera fun with a strong Western feel.” — Alex Shvartsman, EditorUnidentified Funny Objects and Official Ken Liu Hugo bearer

Library Journal – Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera For a New Age
Reviewed on December 1, 2013
SF/Fantasy Space opera has been likened to Westerns in space, with their emphasis on high action, “science” that is sometimes over the top, and galactic battles between good and evil. This collection of contemporary space opera brings together 24 stories, a poem, and an essay (several of the pieces were first published during the six-year run of Ray Gun Revival Magazine). Authors include Robin Wayne Bailey, A.C. Crispin, Seanan McGuire, and Mike Resnick. VERDICT Fans of sf should enjoy this stylistically varied homage to a genre as old as the fiction of E.E. “Doc” Smith and as classic as the stories based on the “Star Wars” films.

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