A Letter To BiPolar Disorder

Dear Bipolar Disorder:

I hate you! You know who you are. You’re the one who takes a beautiful, intelligent, determined, kind, giving, loving, wonderful girl and turns her into a stranger who rants, yells, destroys, and insults. You’re the one who steals time, precious time away from her husband and family. You’re the one who makes her risk her life by wandering on an interstate, going where she shouldn’t go, doing what she wouldn’t go.

You’re a destroyer of relationships; a thief of hope; a breaker of hearts; a robber of peace. You’re a divider of households; a ruiner of reputations; and a restrainer of potential.

I swear, Bipolar Disorder, you will not defeat us. I will not allow you to be the winner here. I will not allow you to rule the day. You will lose this battle. We will fight until we find a cure. We may fail from time to time as we learn more and more about you. But we will conquer you, make no mistake about it.

We will win because our victory is founded on love not destruction. We will win because our determination is to live free, not die captive. We will win because we are stronger, we are more determined, and we are better than you could hope to be.

You’re going down one day, Bipolar Disorder. Get ready for it. We will dance together, hand in hand, upon your grave.

With all my heart,


One thought on “A Letter To BiPolar Disorder

  1. Great post. I wrote something similar to this called "an ode to cancer" a while back. It's love and support that will get you through, and I have no doubt you two will get through it. I know our situations are totally different, but I feel like I understand spontaneous health woes well enough and I know how these health problems can impact families, lives, relationships and rob people of precious time. You will be in my thoughts. I wish I could do more for you… if you ever want someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to contact me. I might not be good for much, but I'm a good listener when needed, and I try to be a good friend. I'd also like to say that it takes strength to be so open about health issues like this, and I admire your strength. It's a vibrant light in a dark time.

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