Links: Best Of The Web

Rather than Links Of The Week, which was becoming hard to keep up with, I am going to try monthly links posts with the best web links I discover each month. It’s easier for me and you, because all the links will be in the same place. So here are some reads I found particularly useful this past month.


This is awesome: a guy telling the truth about the debt situation and how we’re being screwed by politicans.


For Writers:

The Dark Side Of Publishing, an important warning for writers:

Up and coming author Ken McConnell tracks his ebook sales–with interesting implications for average, unknown SF writers:

The links in this Writer’s Digest article are invaluable tools for developing short story craft:

Authors RA Salvatore and Paul S. Kemp weigh in on writing action scenes: (Salvatore) (Kemp)

10 Ways Blogs Lose Audience and Alienate Readers, a warning:

That controversial NPR popularity contest for Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels:

Saladin Ahmed at Fantasy Magazine talking about Islamic Myths, Monsters and Morals:

12 Essential For A Successful Author Website:

10 Tips For Finding Time To Write:

 15 Web Resources Invaluable To Writers:

10 Top Tools For Improving Your Blog:

My first author interview with Anthony Cardno:

Library Journal talks about epic fantasy making a comeback. Seems to me fantasy’s outdistanced SF for years but still interesting:

Cat Valente, Author and Editor of Apex Magazine, reflects on reading with some profound thoughts:

I09 weights in with 10 Science Fiction Books That Changed History:

A free spreadsheet of Ebook Service Professionals, including file converters, cover designers and more:


Shimmerzine with Confession Of A Slush Reader:



Intriguing but a bit silly perhaps. Are scientists really expecting a deep impact/Armageddon-type scenario as this article suggests:

A fascination look at “The Uncanny Valley” a robotics concept which has implications for Science Fiction writing from author Jonathan Dalar:

Does the downsizing of NASA represent a loss of our sense of wonder and exploratory drive?

The Hubble Telescope reveals a Cosmic Necklace larger than a solar system:

This articles posits NASA Scientists talk of aliens destroying Earth when greenhouse gas emissions threaten universe (turns out one of the researches works for NASA but its not NASA official):

Here’s MSNBC straightening out the hoopla on the NASA-ET thing above:



This one sticks with you but speaks for itself. A prime example of what NEVER to do with your website design:

A humorous video where a girl who never saw Star Wars tries to explain what she knows about it:

Good satire about fictional Kittwood Studios, the source of all cat videos on the web:

How desperate is the housing situation in Vancouver, BC? Enough that this guy offers to play pet dinosaur for any landlord who gets him housing:|main5|dl6|sec3_lnk3|86098

Two WGN news anchors develop a routine to use during commercial breaks:

The Glorious Life Of An About To Published Author:

Thinking Up Ideas…It’s a Process:

Jimmy Kimmel’s Chewbacca Sketch with Harrison Ford: