Not My Usual Blog Post…But 2020

Ah, the Monday before a day we are all worried about happens to be the Monday after a tough weekend. Not only did we lose Sean Connery, but several other celebrities I had not heard of, and one I have—Rachel Caine, a beloved author, who succumbed to cancer. On top of that, my Uncle Tom Short died.

You know 2020 has been a real bitch. I have never seen a year this screwed up. I have had bad years and tough times, but this one just keeps piling stuff on, and when we are all a bit stressed, strained, and exhausted, it’s not so easy to deal with it all cheerfully or with good spirits, is it?

I have, however, kept writing, and I have started seeing some exciting developments. I have two anthologies in the works for 2021 and 2022 (details pending contracts). I have exciting developments with novels (details pending contracts). And there are other positive signs, too, so it’s not all bad, and maybe there are indications that positive things not only can still happen but are coming for us all.

One can hope, right?

My point in writing this is—I know we’re all struggling with discouragement, illness, and various issues. We’re facing the toughest and most frightening election in our lifetimes. And it just never seems to end. But I wanted to point out there are only two months left in 2020.

Did you get that?


In other words, the end is in sight. And though we have no idea how 2021 will be, it’s hard to imagine it will come close to being as bad as 2020. It’s something to hope for and perhaps look forward to.

I’ll take anything at this point, won’t you?

Hang in there. Keep working on your writing or other hobbies. Keep loving your family and pets. And keep believing tomorrow will be better. Because someday all of that will pay off. That is definitely something worth looking forward to.

For what it’s worth…