Links of The Week Vol. 2 Issue 8

After a long delay, more helpful links: — Former agent Nathan Bransford offers a glossary of publishing lingo. Very helpful reference.;_medium=feed&utm;_campaign=Feed%3A+GraspingForTheWind+%28Grasping+For+The+Win — my interview with author Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a lot of good info for writers. First in a column I’ll be doing weekly. — How To Give a Beneficial Critique — SF Signal’s John DeNardo offers a new series on how to start reading SF for novices. — Barcodes scanners for Zebras?  Scientists develop a tool to identify unique animals by their stripes. — Author Kimberly Kincade’s powerful essay about being in an abusive relationship;=1170886&autoplay;=true — Awesome 15 minute preview of George R. R. Martin’s “The Game Of Thrones” which comes to HBO next week.