Links Of The Week, Vol. 2, Issue 2 – includes books reviewed here among others.;_medium=feed&utm;_campaign=Feed:+BadAstronomyBlog+(Bad+Astronomy)&utm;_content=FaceBook — First solid exoplanet found.  Fascinating science.;_medium=twitter — Editing  & Proofreading Tips to Improve Your Own Writing — one of the funnier news stories I’ve read in a long while.!5735083/10-flame+throwing-contraptions-thatll-keep-those-dang-kids-off-your-lawn – Another great laugh from I09: Flame Throwing Contraptions That’ll Keep Those Dang Kids Off Your Lawn — A newly discovered market and source of heroic fantasy stories: Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.  Some good reading here.!5733980/downbelow-station-heres-how-you-write-a-novel — From IO9, Here’s How You Write a Novel: Revising CJ Cherryh’s “Down Below Station”