Blog Roundup: 2011 Posting Highlights

The switch to WordPress in late May has really seen the blog grow. We have had 13205 hits since then (as of 11 pm 12/30/11 that is) and average over 2000 a month, or 70 hits a day. Thanks for that support and interest. I wanted to take a look back at the highlights of the blog this past six months since the move. Several posts have gonna pretty viral by my standards so perhaps people would like to visit them who haven’t or even revisit them again. Here’s the top 20 posts. Please feel free to revisit this stories but also please consider leaving comments about what you like about this website and suggestions for how we can improve. We’re doing our best to serve you well and anything you can offer us as feedback just helps us do it better.

Thanks again for your support of me and this site!


10 Mistakes SFF Writers Make With Research –  670

12 Essentials For A Successful Author Website – 557

9 Tools For Character Development – 470

18 Holiday Themed Science Fiction And Fantasy Stories – 454

To The Woman I Fell In Love With – 341

The Worker Prince – 341

Top 10 Reasons You Should Go To SFF Conventions – 296

Why I’m Not A Fan of FanFic – 291

70 Most Memorable Science Fiction & Fantasy Books I’ve Read (to date) – 275

7 Tips For Being A Good Beta Reader – 264

10 Tips For Writing Good Action Scenes – 258

Guest Post: Space Opera The Junction Between Worlds by John H. Stevens – 192

Guest Post: Can You Really Tell Within A Few Paragraphs If Something Is Good? by Patty Jansen – 191

Guest Post: Defining Sword & Sorcery by Howard Andrew Jones – 190

10 Tips For Doing A Good Interview–As Both Interviewer and Subject – 190

10 Tips For Planning A Blog Tour – 183

Write Tip: Get In Late, Get Out Early – 182

A Letter To Bipolar Disorder – 181

How To Get Your Book Noticed By Librarians Or Not by John Klima – 178

Write Tip: Making Perfect Bound ARCS With Create Space – 167


Sadly but unsurprisingly, the least popular were some passion posts about things I really care about but not really writing focused, and the Links of the Week posts, generally, just didn’t excite anyone, so I stopped bothering to compile the links I tweeted each week but if anyone’s curious, you can click the links below.

Tribute to my Beloved Cat: Lucy, 18.5 years old, died Feb. 2010 More stats 11
Links Of The Week, Vol. 2 Issue 10 More stats 10
I Celebrate Our Differences and Commonalities In Calling You Friend More stats 10
Dialogue: How Golden Age SF Influenced The Worker Prince More stats 10


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