Favorite Speculative Fiction

For those curious or just looking for good reads, here are some of my speculative fiction favorites in no particular order:

Robert Silverberg, Majipoor Books (Lord Valentine’s Castle is one of my all time favorites but there are 6 more and numerous short stories from this master)

Stephen R. Donaldson, Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (the first three thrilled me in high school. I have yet to read the latest but I have them in my queue)

David Eddings, The Elenium and Tamuli books (3 of each and great storytelling)

Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time (Just getting started on this one but a great read so far, 12 total)

Terry Goodkind, Sword of Truth series (12 total, just getting started as well, but the basis of one of my favorite TV Shows “Legend Of The Seeker”)

Orson Scott Card, Ender series (still catching up on the latest ones, but great reads and highly influential)

Timothy Zahn, Thrawn series (5 books, great Star Wars reads; almost like watching a movie, a better movie than Lucas’ last three)

Timothy Zahn, Quadrail series (4 books from a master of space action, suspense)

Ken Scholes, Psalms of Isak (5 total, 2 are out. I can’t wait for the others)

Jay Lake, Clockwork Earth series (3 books so far, good steampunk adventures)

George RR Martin, Song of Ice and Fire (4 so far, but more coming. Great read)

If you are a fan of specfic, I’d be surprised if you didn’t enjoy any of those on this list.