SFFWRTCHT for March 9, 2011 with Kevin J. Anderson (Heckler Warning)

Very excited to have best selling author Kevin J. Anderson on the SFFWRTCHT next Wed but Kevin’s got some haters. In particular, a group of hecklers who follow him around and try and make things very unpleasant for him and anyone who dares talk to him kindly. To avoid problems, I have blocked them, as has Kevin. Please do not attempt to converse with them under the #sffwrtcht hashtag no matter what they say at any time. If they show up in the transcript, I will edit them out. They are not worth the effort.

To see how nasty they are, here’s my post about their 4 day harrassment campaign against me just for asking Kevin about his craft:  http://bryanthomasschmidt.blogspot.com/2011/02/i-am-victim-of-twithate-and.html

Here are the names of those you should block:
@Serkanner @RealDune @DuneSandChigger @SKKahl @DunesDreamer @Loteqs@IdunnAsynja

Folks, blocking people is serious. As moderator, I would normally deal with inappropriate behavior but this group is relentless and they might ruin chat if we don’t ignore them or just block them. I don’t want Kevin or any of you to have a bad time because Kevin’s got a lot of good advice to share I want to hear and I’m sure you do, too.

Anyway, your call on how to handle it but consider yourselves warned and please mention this post to anyone you know who plans to attend chat.  Thanks!

I appreciate the support. You guys are why I started SFFWRTCHT and why it’s a success with guests and everyone else!