I am a Victim of TwitHate and CyberBullying

All I did was ask Kevin J. Anderson, bestselling author, a man I admire, how he records his books. He is known for writing into a tape recorder, you see, and I was curious about his tools.

The next thing I know I was being systematically harrassed by this Mc(idiots)Dune group of KJA haters(morons and jackasses–although Donkeys are smarter and have more class). The name list grows daily but so far they are: Serkanner RealDune DuneSandChigger SKKahl DunesDreamer Loteqs and IdunnAsynja. I use no “at” because I don’t want more attention from them than I already have.

I have blocked them in Twitter and on TweetDeck. I have reported them to Twitter. They continue reading my old tweets and saying flattering things. You know, suggestions like reasons why they think I have been jobless for 9 months. Insults on my writing, which they have never read, etc. Classy group of individuals.

In any case, Kevin will be on chat next month, and if you’re a regular, or even my friend, you might want to block these people. We will ignore them, and we will continue to chat in spite of them. But I won’t see their comments so you might not want to either, and please don’t respond.  I’ll post update instructions and list pre-chat.

Meanwhile, if you’re friends with any of them, I suggest you rethink it. This kind of behavior does not represent free speech. It represents bullying. It represents being an ass. Attacking people who have never contacted you is not sensible behavior. It is not respectable or intelligent. In fact, I had never even mentioned Dune, the story they claim to own the right to approve or disapprove any related books for.

In any case, people acting like this makes me sick. Please join with me in praying hate can end. It doesn’t belong in a civilized society.

Climate Change

I have never discriminated against or hated anyone in my life intentionally. Despite my life long religious views, I have always interpreted them and applied them with compassion. For example, I once served at a camp with gay students. When the students found out I was Christian, I got persecuted as a gay basher just because of it. Even though I’d never treated them different than any other students, they refused to accept anything but total agreement with them.

In high school, I carried my bible to classes, didn’t drink or smoke, and didn’t party or chase girls to “get laid.” I was treated like an outcast as well.

These were my first exposures to being persecuted and discriminated against for who I am and what I believe, and because of them, I have been careful not to do the same to others.

Yet here I find myself discriminated against because I am Christian and conservative. Words like “haters,” “Bigots,” “fundamentalist wackos,” etc. are bandied about. I am reviled and disrespected. And yet, those doing it don’t even recognize that it’s wrong. My beliefs are offensive so it’s okay. I wonder what they’d do if they saw someone mocking a Downs Syndrome child at the supermarket or shouting racial epitats in a white hood.

The climate of the country has changed for the worst, and the Left is creating an environment of persecution, hate and intolerance against the Right that they say is intolerant.

This is not what our country was meant to be, and it’s not going to create a civil, peaceful society. It needs to change. Conservatives need to be sure of how they express themselves, too. There are bigots on both sides, haters. I’m just tired of being lumped in with them because we share some beliefs.

Land of the free, home of the brave, free speech reigns — not any more.

For what it’s worth…