So, the local Kansas City ABC affiliate did a nice piece on Surviving Tomorrow that ran on three prime time newscasts yesterday. It’s my first time on local news (bucket list, check!) and I thought it’s be fun to share it with you. So here it is.

To read the text, click here. KMBC Reports on Surviving Tomorrow

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Taking a Week Off

Due to the terrible events of the tragic, senseless murder of George Floyd on top of the COVID-19 crisis, I am just not in a mood for writing a write tip post this week, so I am taking a week off. Instead, here’s a statement I made on Facebook about George Floyd that I think is important.

I have seen more than one FB “friend” posting about race not being the real issue in the George Floyd situation. Here is my reply.

The problem is very much race. Recent statistics show that 42% of deaths in arrest were white and 35% black. When you consider the population numbers, that makes it considerably more likely to die in custody if you are black. Just because you don’t understand the racial aspect, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Please educate yourself. It is not okay to dismiss the problem of race in this. The reality is that this kind of thing has been happening in this country for several hundred years and people are sick of it and want to see it stop, they fear it happening to them, and they fear it will never stop. Please do not minimize their pain, anger, frustration, and fear. Recognize and acknowledge it and work to make it better. Support those fighting to change the system, sign petitions, write letters, vote for policyholders who will work for change, hold accountable those who feed the problem, and be loving and supportive of those around you who are afraid, angry, and worried about being next, most especially People of Color.

May we all do better…