Okay, now that I’ve gotten my political prosletyzing out of the way for the week, on to more writerly related matters. While my lack of focus in general due to my work situation has kept me from writing much lately, it hasn’t kept me from reading, and for reading I love Good Reads as a tracking system. has a list of any book you can think of, links to other readers, reviews, ratings, and bookshelf categories including read, to read, currently reading. You can even update the page you’re on at the time for each book you’ve listed as “currently reading.” Best of all, you can win free books. I’ve won two so far and I joined in April.

Other than the blog, I post all my reviews there, and I then link them to twitter and facebook. I also link this blog there, have my bio and a link to my book. I have interacted with a lot of struggling authors like myself there as well as publishers and more successful writers. It’s a great new social networking community focused around bibliophiles, and I highly recommend it. I have gone back and found books I read as a child and rated and reviewed them. It has reminded me of books long forgotten and reminded me of books I always meant to read and hadn’t. They’re all listed there and what a great way to keep track of a reading list.

If you like books as much as I do, I highly recommend it. Now if I can only find a site like goodwriting to keep me going on that…

For what it’s worth…

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