Friday Writing Fodder

In today’s collection of links meant to inspire, amuse, and inform, we have the sad tale of failed polar bear mating, the humorous tale of confiscated bologna at the US-Mexico border, asteroids passing by Earth, footage from Mars, new astronaut requirements, new vertical planes from airlines, the furthest known object in our solar system confirmed, the strange appearances of two moons over Dubai, and the using Zoom error that has a lawyer appearing in court as a cat, among others. I hope you get some ideas.

Male polar bear kills female during mating attempt at zoo. Okay, very sad but nonetheless, could be story fodder.

200 pounds of bologna confiscated by Border Patrol on border with Mexico.

Astronomers confirm orbit of most distant object ever observed in our solar system.

SpaceX just got a contract to launch two future pieces of a moon space station.

Two moons appear in space over Dubai frightening citizens.

NASA wants to set a new radiation limit for astronauts.

Big Asteroid the size of the Washington Monument to zoom past Earth.

NASA releases dramatic Mars video ahead of rover’s arrival

Trio rescued after being trapped on an isolated Bermuda island for 33 days survived on this diet.

United Airlines orders 200 vertical takeoff aircraft to deliver passengers to airports.

Scientists think they found a portal to the 5th Dimension.

Inside the Space Race to Mars: Mars set for visits from spacecraft from UAE, China, and U.S.

And last but not least, Zoom error has lawyer appearing on official court zoom as a cat.