Links to interviews with me available online.


My latest podcast appearance is on Roundtable Podcast:

I rejoin Adventures In SciFi Publishing Podcast for an interview live from ConQuest 43 in Kansas City with my pal Brent Bowen:

I return to First Million Words Podcast to talk about The Returning, my upcoming fantasy novel and more

Turning The Tables-SFFWRTCHT Interviews Host/Author-Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt

I sit down with Ray Gun Revival to discuss Space Battles, editing, writing and share an excerpt of my story:

Readers Realm’s Pauline Creeden interviews me about writing, The Worker Prince, and more:

Paul Goat Allen, Barnes and Noble Book Club’s reviewer, has fun with anagrams and author’s names, including mine:

John Anealio and Patrick Hester graciously have me back along with Brad R. Torgersen and Jean Johnson to talk Space Battles which also features a story by Patrick 

I join First Million Words Podcast for a series of interviews this month on writing, editing and more: 1. INTRODUCTIONS & MY WORK:; 2.INSPIRATION:; 3. PANTSING v. OUTLINING:  4. FUTURE BUILDING:

Here’s a clip about my recent reading at Kansas City Science Fiction And Fantasy Society’s March meeting

The Dabbling Mum blog’s Alyice Edrich  interviews me re: The Worker Prince, writing, editing, publishing, science fiction & more: 

The Lawrence Journal-World‘s Sarah Henning interviews me re: the B&N Year’s Best SF mention for The Worker Prince and my Lawrence book signing:

The Chipper Muse (@chippermuse) interviews me for her blog on writing, The Worker Prince, The Returning and more.

Matt Staggs interviews me for his podcast SLINGSHOT

AudioTim Interviews me about The Worker Prince, following up on Adventures In SF Publishing:

Adventures In SF Publishing Interviews me:  — a really fun conversation.

My first pre-Worker Prince interview is live. This is Part 1 of 2. On Anthony Cardno’s blog:  Here’s Part 2 and an excerpt: Exclusive Excerpt From Chapter 10/Author Interview

I make an appearance this month in Mind Meld on SFSignal talking about favorite SFF book series we’d love to revive:

I sat down with Author Travis Perry

Grasping For The Wind interviewed me about the novel Author Interview

Author Gene Doucette interviews me

Silverthorn Press interview:

Author Jamie Todd Rubin and I discuss Golden Age SF’s influence on my novel Dialogue: Golden Age SF’s Influence on The Worker Prince An interview with writer-editor Johne Cook for the Author Culture blog

I am doing guest posts for Adventures In SF Publishing Podcast on both website and their shows now. Here’s my first, which is my favorite reads from 2011:

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