In April 2012, the chat had reached enough success I was invited to create a weekly column based on the chats at the popular SFF news site But I also did special interviews for and amongst other sites. Then closed and I joined as a regular. Here are links the various columns in order of publication there (basically cleaned up versions of chat transcripts, although some have additional material not included in the original chat):

Kristine Kathryn Rusch:

Mary Robinette Kowal:

Kevin J. Anderson:

John Klima:

Jay Lake:

Brenda Cooper:

Mike Resnick:

Paul S. Kemp:

Sam Sykes:

Lou Anders:

Functional Nerds:

Michael Ray, Editor of Redstone Science Fiction zine:

James Enge:

Jason Sanford:

Cat Valente:

Andrew P. Mayer:

Nnedi Okorafor:

Jeremy C. Shipp:

John Joseph Adams:

Peter Orullian:

S.M. Stirling:

Jaleta Clegg:

Jennifer Brozek:

John DeNardo, Editor, SF Signal:

John A. Pitts

Ken Scholes:

Howard Andrew Jones:

Tim Akers

Dayton Ward:

Kat Richardson:

Maurice Broaddus:

A.C. Crispin:

Special To SF Signal – Jack McDevitt:

Ari Marmell:

Greg van Eekhout:

Brent Weeks:

Special To SF Signal – Dr. Harry Turtledove:  

Moses Siregar III: 

Bruce R. Cordell:

Daniel Polansky:

Space Opera Author Series at Ray Gun Revival-Ken McConnell:

Phil Athans:

Gail Carriger: [Orbit France picked up this interview in a French translation:]

Special to SFSignal – Joe Haldeman:

E.E. Knight:

John R. Fultz:

David Lee Summers:

Ellen Datlow:

Laura Kreitzer:

Space Opera Author series at Ray Gun Revival-Alex J. Cavanaugh:

James L. Sutter:

Special To SFSignal – Robin Hobb:

Tobias Buckell:

Myke Cole:

Tad Williams:

Special To SFSignal – Stephen R. Donaldson:

Teresa Frohock:

Space Opera Series at Ray Gun Revival – John C. Wright:  and

Saladin Ahmed:

Special To SFSignal – Glen Cook:

Shaun Farrell, Adventures In SF Publishing Podcaster:

Special To SFSignal – Robert Silverberg:

Mary Robinette Kowal (2nd, longer interview):

Ursula Vernon:

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller:

Behind The Scenes: ConQuesT, a talk with Con planners John Platt, Victoria L’Ecuyler and Diana J. Bailey:

Susan E. Satterfield, Con Planning Expert and ConQuesT 43 Toastmistress:

Space Opera Series at Ray Gun Revival – Michael Flynn: 

Robin Wayne Bailey:

Kevin James Breaux:

Special To SFSignal - Charlaine Harris:

Space Opera Series at Ray Gun Revival – Kathy Tyers:

Matt Forbeck:

Jennifer Pelland:

Linda Poitevin:

Stina Leicht:

Turning The Tables-SFFWRTCHT Interviews Host/Author-Editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Jon Sprunk:

Erin Hoffman:

Space Opera Author Series at Ray Gun Revival – Timothy Zahn:

Faith Hunter:

SB Knight:

Special To SFSignal – Robert J. Sawyer:

Terry Brooks:

Special to SF Signal – Dr. Ben Bova:

Sam Sykes (2nd interview): 

Peter V. Brett:

Daniel Abraham:

Leah Petersen:

Special To SF Signal – D.B. Jackson/David B. Coe:

Deborah Coates:

Special To SF Signal – A.J. Hartley:

Alex Bledsoe:

Cat Rambo:

Danie Ware:

Paul S. Kemp:

Bradley P. Beaulieu:

Lavie Tidhar & Apex World Book Of SF 2 Authors:

John Picacio:

Jean Johnson:

Special To SFSignal – Best Fan Writer Hugo Winner Jim C. Hines:

Jacqueline Carey:

K.D. McEntire:

Ian Rogers:

Special To SFSignal – Erin M. Evans:

Special To SFSignal – James Van Pelt:

Carrie Vaughn:

Michael J. Sullivan:

Larry Correia:

Claire Ashgrove:

Courtney Schafer:

Sabrina Vourvoulias:

Dave Gross:

Kameron Hurley:

Melinda Snodgrass:

Adam Christopher:

Brenda Cooper (2nd intv):

Kelly McCullough:

Nancy Kress:

EC Myers:

Tom King:

Damien Walters Grintalis:

Andrew P. Mayer (2nd Interview):

Steven C. Gould:

L. Jagi Lamplighter:

James P. Blaylock:

Sarah A. Hoyt:

Alaya Dawn Johnson:

David Farland/Dave Wolverton:

Dr. Charles E. Gannon:

Morgan Keyes:

Evie Manieri:

Jack Campbell:

Jonathan Maberry:

John Marco:

David Weber:

Michael Knost:

Ian Tregillis:

Erin Hoffman (2nd interview):

Special to Black Gate: Gardner Dozois, Ellen Datlow, Rich Horton and Paula Guran on Picking Year’s Best Short Fiction:

Zachary Jernigan:

MCA Hogarth:

Paul S. Kemp (3rd visit):

Michael J. Martinez:

D.B. Jackson/David B. Coe:

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