Transcript: SFFWRTCHT 1/07/2015 With Dave Bara

Transcripts-flatdavebaraauthor: I will be chatting on SFF Writer’s Chat @sffwrtcht at the top of the hour about IMPULSE and the other books in the series. Follow #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 01:53:36 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Writer’s Chat. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:00:30 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Our goal is to talk w/ writers, editors, & others abt the craft of writing, specifically related to writing speculative fiction. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:00:44 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Our format is round table interview. Please restrict ?s to writing craft, business of writing & the specific works of the guest. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:00:57 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Please wait until your question gets answered to ask another & use the hashtag #sffwrtcht for all questions and comments. (Thu Jan 08 02:01:11 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: We may hold questions at times to allow our guest to answer and catch up. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:01:23 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Tonight’s guest grew up believing his father was a Jedi, then discovered he’s actually a Sith Lord… Ooops wrong cards. Hang on #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:02:04 +0000 2015)
SaraMegibow: RT @sffwrtcht: Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Writer’s Chat. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:02:05 +0000 2015)
SaraMegibow: RT @sffwrtcht: Our format is round table interview. Please restrict ?s to writing craft, business of writing & the specific works of the gu… (Thu Jan 08 02:02:13 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Tonight’s guest @davebaraauthor was born at the dawn of the space age & grew up watching the Gemini & Apollo space programs on TV #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:02:33 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: He dreamed of becoming an astronaut one day. This soon led him to an interest in science fiction, especially on television. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:02:47 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: He began to read scifi voraciously in his teens. This led him to try writing, which he continued all through his college years. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:03:18 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Dave’s writing is influenced by the many SF novels he read over the years #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:03:56 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: During these years the story concepts for what would become The Lightship Chronicles series began to take form. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:04:09 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: His debut novel, IMPULSE: The Lightship Chronicles, Volume I releases 2/03/15 from @DAWBooks #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:04:21 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: He can be found online at, and Facebook #sffwrtcht(Thu Jan 08 02:04:35 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: He’s also the only author to spoil my book launch by showing up nude… oh, wrong cards again… That was me #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:05:12 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Welcome to #sffwrtcht @davebaraauthor. Where’d your interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy come from? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:05:18 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: I’m just a guy who was pretty much born to write science fiction. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:05:56 +0000 2015)

davebaraauthor: My earliest memories are of watching the Gemini and Apollo missions on TV #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:06:09 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: Plus Star Trek, Lost In Space, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone. #sffwrtcht(Thu Jan 08 02:06:23 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Who were some of your favorite authors and inspirations? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:06:31 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: I was always fascinated with space and science fiction, so it seems like it was my destiny to write it. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:06:35 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Obviously Dune by Frank Herbert, The Mote In God’s eye by Niven and Pournelle #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:07:21 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht The Forever War by Joe Haldeman, Gordon Dickson’s Dorsai series, mainly. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:07:34 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: When did you decide to pursue writing? And did you study formally in school, learn as you went, etc.? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:07:38 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I wanted to write stories from a very early age, 8 or 9. I wanted to go beyond Apollo and write what was next #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:08:21 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I did write quite a bit in college, and even used some of that writing for credit classes. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:08:33 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: How long did you write before making your first sale? Did you start with shorts or novels? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:08:48 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: How long did you write before making your first sale? Did you start with shorts or novels? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:08:48 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Okay, you’re gonna hate me now, I sold the first short story I ever wrote to the first place I submitted for like $10. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:09:25 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I started with shorts, but my heart has always been with writing novels. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:09:47 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: You bastard! Where’d the idea for the Lightship Chronicles series come from? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:09:53 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I did a “future history” outline when I was in college. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:10:49 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I knew I wanted to do a ship-based series somewhere in the middle of that. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:11:03 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I had a brief novel outline, and that became the basis for IMPULSE. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:11:17 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Is it true your antagonist is based on the life of your evil twin Mike? #sffwrtcht #thingsImadeup (Thu Jan 08 02:11:22 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Lol, no, not true. He’s a right bastard, but he’s not evil. (Thu Jan 08 02:12:20 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Okay, okay. Tell us about your main character Peter Cochrane. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:12:24 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Oh God, now the truth comes out. In 1982 I hand-wrote a ‘sequel’ to Star Trek II… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:13:14 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht That featured the character of Peter Kirk. He was Kirk’s nephew in the original series. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:13:28 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I combined him with the protagonist from my first (unsold) novel, who was named Dane Cochrane #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:13:49 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht And poof! Peter Cochrane! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:14:00 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: HA! I did that too and wrote Star Trek episodes, a bunch of Hill Street Blues, and 13 scripts of an original tv series. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:14:15 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Tell us about the Union and the planets and worlds in which your story is set. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:14:30 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I’d love to read those. Then sell them on eBay (Thu Jan 08 02:14:46 +0000 2015)
LeahPetersen: RT @sffwrtcht: Is it true your antagonist is based on the life of your evil twin Mike? #sffwrtcht #thingsImadeup (Thu Jan 08 02:14:49 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht The Union is comprised or three worlds; Earth, Quantar, and Carinthia. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:15:14 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: @davebaraauthor @sffwrtcht I still have them. heh #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:15:17 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Quantar and Carinthia were on separate sides during the Imperial civil war. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:15:27 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht The Earthmen, who had preserved technology from the war, came to both worlds… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:15:47 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht And offered them technology like interstellar drives, medicines, etc., if… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:16:00 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht They would agree to form a Union of Worlds and begin the process of rediscovering… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:16:14 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht The lost worlds of the old Empire. But as we find out, the Empire may not be quite dead yet #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:16:32 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: For the record, I also wrote a sequel to ET in which grown up Elliott gets a return visit from ET and introduces him to his kids #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:17:01 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Give us a quick plot pitch for IMPULSE please. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:17:18 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: I know you covered some of it already #sffwrtcht But where’s Peter come in.(Thu Jan 08 02:17:35 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht A young man is forced by circumstances beyond his control to work with his family’s former enemies… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:17:37 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Against an even greater enemy that may be lurking in the dark voids of space… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:17:51 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht That’s all I got, lol… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:18:13 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Good enough. When writing, do you usually start with characters, world, or plot? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:18:33 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Peter is a second son of a royal family, a Navy officer, and he’s forced to take up the family mantle when his brother is killed (Thu Jan 08 02:19:13 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht There is no real formula for me, but for IMPULSE it was the world, then characters, and plot came last. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:19:40 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: How long does a typical novel take to write? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:19:56 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht There’s no typical for me. Anywhere from 6 weeks to 2 years, not counting revisions! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:20:47 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Dude, “real writers” have routines, you freak. ;) #justkidding Do you outline or pants it? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:21:19 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Lol. I’m a total pantser. But I do write a short plot treament, then embellish as I go. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:22:27 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht But I do have to confess to about 80% of IMPULSE being first draft. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:23:01 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: yay! The #sffwrtcht regulars call ourselves The League of Extraordinary Pantsers. You’re one of us! (Thu Jan 08 02:23:10 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Wait. First draft. No edits? What was your path to publication like? How did you wind up with @DawBooks? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:23:26 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Well I won’t say no edits, but certainly no major rewrites #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:24:36 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Path to publication would take a whole lot more than 142 characters! In a word, tortuous! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:25:11 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I finished the 1st draft in 2007. It took a year and a half to get my agent… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:25:23 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Joshua Bilmes of JABberwocky. It went out on submission in Dec. 2009… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:25:39 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Got a rewrite request from HarperCollins in 2010… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:25:51 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Sent that out about a year later. Got an offer from HC in December, 2012… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:26:06 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Then my editor left, so I was orphaned… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:26:17 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht We got an offer from Del Rey UK in April of ’13. Then we broke off with HC… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:26:32 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht And got an offer from DAW in May or June of ’13. Now, 18 months later… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:26:43 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: A rocky road, indeed. #sffwrtcht But you hung in there. Congrats! Now it’s real!! (Thu Jan 08 02:26:49 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Like I said, tortuous! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:26:54 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: What to you are the core elements of good space opera? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:27:10 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Good characters, a good plot, danger and a bit of romance. Plus a hero you can root for… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:27:54 +0000 2015)
kodermike: @sffwrtcht I am only evil based on your slanted view of the world. #sffwrtcht @davebaraauthor (Thu Jan 08 02:28:14 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Ha! @kodermike @davebaraauthor has a brother, MIKE BARA. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:28:43 +0000 2015)
nita_basu: Hey, sci-fi fans! @davebaraauthor, of the upcoming space opera, IMPULSE, is doing a live Twitterchat right now! Follow along at #sffwrtcht! (Thu Jan 08 02:28:44 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Tell us about the other books in the series. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:29:00 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht STARBOUND is book II. It picks up about 3 months after the events in IMPULSE… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:29:46 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Peter is sent on a seemingly simple diplomatic mission, which turns out to be quite life-threatening… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:30:02 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht And it all culminates in a climactic series of battles that he doesn’t want, but must fight anyway… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:30:19 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Is that the one where Peter goes to a boggy planet with his trusty robot and is tested by a master historian? #sffwrtcht ;) (Thu Jan 08 02:30:21 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht And there is more than one surprise in the romance department, is all I’ll say… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:30:41 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht DEFIANT is the working title of book III, and we will see Peter in a quite different set of circumstances. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:30:56 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Translation: TONS OF SEX… Soooo Do you use Scrivener or other “writing software tools”? Write to music? Any rituals? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:31:26 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht No. More likely he will slay the Pretty Green Priestess with his lovemaking powers #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:31:41 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Wow. So pornish sequels. Nice… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:32:12 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht First let me address the sex issue… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:32:36 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Well, let me point out not much sex in IMPULSE so far. I am only teasing @davebaraauthor #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:33:09 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht In the very first draft of IMPULSE, there were SEVEN sex scenes… decided to tone it down #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:33:20 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: @davebaraauthor @sffwrtcht GOOD GOD MAN! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:33:47 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht In the end my agent got it all out of there. But I make up for it in the next 2 books. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:34:11 +0000 2015)
MikeRUnderwood: RT @nita_basu: Hey, sci-fi fans! @davebaraauthor, of the upcoming space opera, IMPULSE, is doing a live Twitterchat right now! Follow along… (Thu Jan 08 02:34:20 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht No real rituals. I do have a “Soundtrack” playlist that I use to get myself in the mood. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:34:48 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Simple Minds, Enigma, Bill Nelson, Ultravox. All very spacey/new romantic type stuff. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:35:09 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: What’s your writing time look like–specific block? Write til you reach word count? Grab it when you can? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:35:10 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Do you write in Word then? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:35:28 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Lately it’s been in 45 minute to 90 minute chunks, somewhere between 750-1500 words usually. I find that’s enough #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:36:02 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: What’s the best and worst writing advice you’ve ever gotten? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:36:49 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Best advice was from Mike Shepherd: Start at the action. Simplifies everything. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:37:36 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Worst advice, hands down, the page 1 rewrite. Most writers that do that… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:37:50 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht End up with 5 different (and usually bad) books. #sffwrtcht(Thu Jan 08 02:38:00 +0000 2015)
nita_basu: RT @davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Best advice was from Mike Shepherd: Start at the action. Simplifies everything. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:38:08 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: So IMPULSE was a trunk novel basically. Do you have other past novels you hope to polish and get out there? #sffwrtcht Or start fresh? (Thu Jan 08 02:39:10 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I wouldn’t call it that, exactly. It evolved… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:40:03 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I do have a finished novel called “Void Ship” that I love, and that will… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:40:21 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Fair enough. Sorry. Tell us a bit about your short fiction. Where else can we read some of your work? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:41:05 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht See the light of day eventually. It has aliens, lesbian androids, and robot kung fu! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:41:06 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I also have a first novel, St. Cochrane’s World, that takes place in the same universe but about 1000 years later. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:42:00 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Same universe as VOID SHIP or LIGHTSHIP CHRONICLES? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:42:28 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I think my short fiction is awful! But it’s out there; Every Day Fiction, places like that #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:42:52 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht SCW is same uni as IMPULSE #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:43:15 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Do you plan to make that also a series then? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:43:21 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht That had 3 or 4 books in it, but right now it is truly trunked #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:44:47 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: What other future projects are you working on that we can look forward to? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:44:58 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht VOID SHIP is planned as a 3 novel series; CROSSING THE VOID and likely VOID WAR #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:45:28 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: @davebaraauthor Any plans to write other genres? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:46:26 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht And I do have a Hugo-winning opus under construction, called RAPTURE #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:46:34 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Please `Like� our Facebook group: #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:47:17 +0000 2015)
kodermike: @davebaraauthor Are there samples available of IMPULSE we can read before Feb’s release? #sffwrtcht #intrigued (Thu Jan 08 02:47:41 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: In 2 weeks on 1/20, join us as @CatherineAsaro discusses her writing and her new novel UNDERCITY from @BaenBooks. 9 pm ET live. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:47:48 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: @kodermike @davebaraauthor I have the whole thing but you can’t have it :P #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:48:08 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I have a future noir mystery in more than a bit of outline, and a YA Fantasy that I’d love to write someday #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:48:32 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Very cool. I wish you luck with it. So IMPULSE releases in February in hardback, correct? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:49:03 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: @kodermike @bryanthomass @davebaraauthor Tempting… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:49:38 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht February 3rd is the street date. It might make it on shelves by my birthday on the 26th, with luck. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:50:51 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: Find @davebaraauthor online on Twitter, Facebook and #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:51:11 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: From @dawbooks, the book is IMPULSE, a fun space opera, a fast read. Debut from @davebaraauthor #sffwrtcht 2/03/15 street date (Thu Jan 08 02:51:40 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: @davebaraauthor Thanks for taking time to chat with us tonight. Any final words or advice etc you want to share? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:52:09 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht I’ll StarF*** that! (Thu Jan 08 02:52:18 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @sffwrtcht Yes. Do not marry someone who is bi-polar. Best advice I can give! Lol… sorry ;) (Thu Jan 08 02:52:58 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: @davebaraauthor @sffwrtcht I can back you up. Was a hellish four years. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:53:22 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: All right all, #sffwrtcht is back biweekly. Currently booking the year but I’ll post a schedule soon on the website. (Thu Jan 08 02:53:51 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: A transcript for this chat will be up at the website soon. Thanks for joining us! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:53:58 +0000 2015)
davebaraauthor: @BryanThomasS @sffwrtcht Mine went 8. Double your pain! (Thu Jan 08 02:54:22 +0000 2015)
sffwrtcht: RT @davebaraauthor: @BryanThomasS @sffwrtcht Mine went 8. Double your pain! (Thu Jan 08 02:54:35 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: @davebaraauthor @sffwrtchtI wrote bipolar characters into my #fantasy series #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:55:13 +0000 2015)
talekyn: @sffwrtcht And I missed it tonight because I completely forgot. My apologies to you and @davebaraauthor #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:55:55 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: Special thanks to producer @kaolinfire for fine tuning our transcript engine earlier as we come back. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jan 08 02:55:57 +0000 2015)
BryanThomasS: @talekyn @sffwrtcht @davebaraauthor bastard! ;) (Thu Jan 08 02:56:07 +0000 2015)



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