Transcript: SFFWRTCHT 6/19/13 With Author-Artist MCA Hogarth

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BryanThomasS: 15 min to #sffwrtcht with @MCAHogarth and the League of Extraordinary Pantsers talking #writing #scifi #fantasy & more live. Join @9 pm EDT (Thu Jun 20 00:43:43 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: 15 min to #sffwrtcht with @MCAHogarth and the League of Extraordinary Pantsers talking #writing #scifi #fantasy & more live. Join @9 pm EDT (Thu Jun 20 00:43:50 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Writer�s Chat. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 00:58:55 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Our goal is to talk w/ writers, editors, & others abt the craft of writing, specifically related to writing speculative fiction. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 00:59:11 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Our format is round table discussion. Please restrict ?s to writing craft, business of writing & the specific works of the guest. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 00:59:29 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Please wait until your question gets answered to ask another & use the hashtag #sffwrtcht for all questions and comments. (Thu Jun 20 00:59:43 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: We may hold questions at times to allow our guest to answer and catch up. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:00:04 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Future Guests 6/26 @PaulSKemp 7/3 Roundtable: Humor @AShvartsman 7/10 @MichaelJMartinez 7/17 @KateElliottSFF 7/24 @ScSpeakman #sffwrtcht . (Thu Jun 20 01:00:27 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Tonight�s guest @MCAHogarth is the daughter of two Cuban political exiles and was born a foreigner in the American melting pot #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:00:43 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: She has had a fascination for the gaps in cultures and the bridges that span them ever since. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:01:07 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: She has been many things-web database architect, product manager, technical writer and massage therapist #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:01:28 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: -but is currently a full-time parent, artist, writer and anthropologist to aliens, both human and otherwise. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:01:42 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Her fiction has variously been recommended for a Nebula, a finalist for the Spectrum, placed on the secondry Tiptree reading list #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:02:02 +0000 2013)
talekyn: However this means I’ll be s bit late for #sffwrtcht. Sorry all (Thu Jun 20 01:02:11 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: and chosen for two best-of anthologies; her art has appeared in RPGs, magazines and on book covers. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:02:12 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Her current focus is new business models for artists and independent marketing and distribution innovations. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:02:25 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Her first crowdfunded fiction project kicked off in 2004 before the word was even coined. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:02:39 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: M.C.A. has experimented with everything from “choose-your-own-adventure” style serials online to kickstarting creative projects #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:02:51 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Her adventures include stories of The Eldritch: Space Elves and Space Opera in the Universe of the Pelted #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:03:00 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: And stories of Kherishdar: Civilization and the Role of the Individual and The Jokka: Gender and Loss Among Aliens amongst others #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:03:19 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: She can be found online at http://, on Twitter and on Goodreads. Welcome to #sffwrtcht @MCAHogarth! (Thu Jun 20 01:03:29 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Thank you! :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:03:37 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: here by popular demand, too! @mcahogarth First things first, where�d your interest in SFF come from #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:04:09 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: My parents are both fans of science fiction (and my dad of fantasy also). They were always reading at home. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:04:31 +0000 2013)
LouAntonelli: #sffwrtcht I don’t know if I know what I’m doing (Thu Jun 20 01:04:38 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Plus, a lot of fantastic kids’ books are SF/F…even in the dark ages before YA was a term, when I was growing up. >.> #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:04:48 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: That’s great. @mcahogarth Who are some of your favorite authors and books that inspire you? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:04:52 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh, hmm. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Lloyd Alexander… The Fountainhead helped me survive art school (seriously). #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:05:04 +0000 2013)
Marquitz: RT @sffwrtcht: Tonight�s guest @MCAHogarth is the daughter of two Cuban political exiles and was born a foreigner in the American melting p… (Thu Jun 20 01:05:06 +0000 2013)
LouAntonelli: Testing testing #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:05:07 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Anne of Green Gables! And Meredith Ann Pierce, who is under-recognized. I loved her Firebringer trilogy. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:05:11 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: And Clavell’s Shogun is probably one of my favorite books ever. :) #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:05:18 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @LouAntonelli Welcome. Just follow the hashtag #sffwrtcht and ask question/comment as appropriate. (Thu Jun 20 01:05:31 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @mcahogarth A thousand times yes! I adore that book. AMAZING! #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:05:46 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I re-read it every few years. Great first contact story. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:06:17 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: I need to do that. @mcahogarth Who are some favorite Latin American writers or non-Western who have influenced you? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:06:34 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth You know, I never thought of it as first contact, but you’re absolutely right! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:07:06 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Wow, fantastic question… and amusing, because I read few! My parents learned to read in English and gave me English authors! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:07:10 +0000 2013)
PrinceJvstin: How do you think your artistic skills and sensibilities inform your writing? And vice versa? @mcahogarth #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:07:10 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I think it’s all a form of storytelling for me: art and writing both, an attempt to communicate. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:08:01 +0000 2013)
Wyld_Dandelyon: Welcome, @MCAHogarth, to the chat! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:08:17 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth When did you decide to become a storyteller and how did you get your start? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:08:18 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: –when I could pick up a pencil. My mother complained about me leaving papers all over the house all my life. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:08:28 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I have more sympathy for this complaint now that my kid is doing it to me. >.< #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:08:34 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I wrote my 1st novel in grade school…keep thinking I should shake all the good bits out and recycle them for a children’s book. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:08:57 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @mcahogarth I love discovering new voices #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:09:10 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @sffwrtcht Me too–it’s why I read a lot of indie books. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:10:06 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth I’ve written two and they’re so much fun (children’s books) #sffwrtcht especially at readings (Thu Jun 20 01:10:06 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Yes, the unique perspectives broaden my world .@mcahogarth How�d you learn craft? Trial and error? Formal study? Workshops? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:10:30 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Mostly the former. And one book I remember well: Damon Knight’s Writing Short Fiction. I <3 Fred. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:10:41 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I was lucky in that during the formative process I got more support than critique. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:10:49 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: .@mcahogarth @sffwrtcht Yeah! There are so many great writer’s voices out there unheard by the mainstream stores and pubs. Gotta love indie! (Thu Jun 20 01:10:51 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Critique would have shut teenaged me down. I needed to have more confidence before I could make use of it. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:10:55 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth Did you start with shorts stories, novels? When was your first pro-sale? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:11:33 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @OfTheWilds @sffwrtcht Absolutely! About 70% of what I buy now is indie work. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:11:42 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: In 2000, when Strange Horizons bought my first Jokka story. Yay! People buy stories without humans in them! :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:11:56 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @OfTheWilds @mcahogarth Actually working on some anthologies to find and spread exposure of such voices. #sffwrtcht #dreamproject (Thu Jun 20 01:11:59 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I was so gratified by that. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:12:03 +0000 2013)
emccoy_writer: @mcahogarth “…& recycle them for a children’s book.” Yes, please! That sounds good! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:12:08 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: A little disturbed too, at the implication that I wrote aliens better than people. >.< #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:12:11 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @sffwrtcht @OfTheWilds I’ll buy it! :D #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:12:33 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @mcahogarth Heh. Well, you know, someone has to be more than humancentric. It keeps it interesting #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:12:49 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth What was your path to publication like? Long and arduous? How long did you struggle until your first sale? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:13:05 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I write mostly aliens. But I’ve gotten better at people, or so I’m told. :D #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:13:11 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I guess “truncated by the revolution in publishing” is a good answer? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:13:23 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I sold four or five short stories in 2000, wasted almost ten years trying to place a novel– #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:13:30 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: –after having two books orphaned (these are my tears!), and then the kindle arrived. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:13:36 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I bought the first one as a business expense, for research, and thought ‘this changes everything!’ #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:13:42 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: @mcahogarth @sffwrtcht Very cool! I’ve yet to get into E-readers but pick up lots of indie stuff at conventions, order online sometimes. (Thu Jun 20 01:13:47 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: @mcahogarth @sffwrtcht And of course, read via a lot of indie type websites.(Thu Jun 20 01:14:01 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: @sffwrtcht @mcahogarth Sounds like an awesome anthology! (Thu Jun 20 01:14:14 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth You�ve been published both traditionally and in nontraditional outlets. What are the advantages of each? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:14:20 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh, I suppose it’s sometimes a relief to let other people take care of all the administrivia for you. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:14:33 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Unless you’re a control freak, or you write too fast (like me). #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:14:39 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: The revolution came just in time to save my sanity. I am too business-minded to let other people handle the details all the time. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:14:58 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth @OfTheWilds The first will be WORLD ENCOUNTERS< first contact stories from non-western perspectives. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:15:07 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: @sffwrtcht @mcahogarth Humancenttric can be overrated anyway, lol. Other species POV are under served and a lot of fun! (Thu Jun 20 01:16:28 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth Let�s talk about some of your settings. Eldritch, long-lived humanoid espers with the sensibilities of elves? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:16:38 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh yes. I observed elves never seem to do any work in fantasy. So I posited a real world version and extrapolated. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:16:48 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: The result: beautiful people with dying cities and crumbling infrastructure, but too proud to ask for help. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:16:53 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Seemed like an interesting idea. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:16:59 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Makes it sound like I don’t love them, but I do. They just need help, like all of us. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:17:25 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: Yes, it sounds like it. @mcahogarth And you have several books in that setting correct? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:17:26 +0000 2013)
PrinceJvstin: How did the three jaguars come about? @mcahogarth #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:17:41 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: That’s right. It’s all in my space opera setting, the Pelted Paradox. #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:17:50 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Ah okay. @mcahogarth And they live among genengineered furries? #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:18:09 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh, the Three Jaguars is my business column/web comic about business for right-brained types. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:18:13 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Came about because I wanted to share what I knew with other artists. Maybe save them some trouble! It’s at #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:18:41 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: And yes, they live with the furries. And aliens, also. I like animal people, and aliens. I write a LOT of aliens. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:18:55 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Kherishdar and the Jokka are my big settings there. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:19:04 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth Hmmmm Very cool. Going to check that out #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:19:07 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: The Jokka were my first sales, trigendered aliens with a chance to switch sexes twice in their lives. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:19:13 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: And the caste-based Ai-Naidar of Kherishdar, where I write about the virtues of civilization. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:19:20 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth You mentioned writing lots of aliens. LOL Spots the Space Marine, a cookie baking mom slash kick butt marine? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:19:27 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh yes. My Games Workshop-offending work. >.< #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:19:38 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I love space marine stories, but kind of wanted a space marine story about a middle-aged woman/mom. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:19:45 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: And with complicated aliens. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:19:54 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Written as a serial, in a quasi-script-like format; makes the action more tense and the story flow faster. No non-essentials. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:20:00 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: RT @mcahogarth: And yes, they live with the furries. And aliens, also. I like animal people, and aliens. I write a LOT of aliens. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:20:16 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @mcahogarth Not sure if you can talk about it but my understanding was a title was too similar to one of theirs for thr comfort? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:20:17 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: RT @sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth You mentioned writing lots of aliens. LOL Spots the Space Marine, a cookie baking mom slash kick butt marine? #… (Thu Jun 20 01:20:35 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Less that and more they wanted the word ‘space marine’ out of the title. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:20:37 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Because all our space marine were belong to them, or something. :, #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:20:46 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth I read a review that talked about the unique format. So like a tv and movie script format then? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:20:57 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: A little yes! But with a touch more description. Not too much. #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:21:16 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @mcahogarth Ah, ok, well, sounds like that died down. Hope it has for good. A big like trademarking FTL or blaster if you ask me #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:21:31 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I still get a lot of website traffic from the articles about it! The gift that keeps on giving. :D #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:21:49 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth Can a Jesuit, a demon, an angel and two high school kids stop the Apocalypse? Urban fantasy with a Catholic flavor. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:22:04 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Deeply gratified by the people who bought it for the legal issue, and went on to say ‘I really liked this!’ #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:22:14 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Right, A Rosary of Stones and Thorns. Which fails as urban fantasy because it’s too sincere. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:22:24 +0000 2013)
talekyn: @sffwrtcht Okay, I finally made it. What’d I miss? #sffwrtcht Hi, @mcahogarth (Thu Jun 20 01:22:24 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I am bad at snark, which seems to be an urban fantasy trope. -_- #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:22:31 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @talekyn @sffwrtcht Hi! :D (Thu Jun 20 01:22:38 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth heh, yes well controversy is good PR, they say. So what are the lessons of civilization? Sorry, meant to ask earlier #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:22:50 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh, Kherishdar pushes buttons about how much individuality you’ll give up for harmony. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:23:13 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth LOL We can teach you snark, can’t we @talekyn, who can’t be bothered to be timely? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:23:18 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: People either want to move to Kherishdar or are deeply disturbed by it. I think I did my job well. It generates discussion. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:23:38 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth And discussion generates interest, right? I’d say that’s what most writers hope for #sffwrtcht Congrats! (Thu Jun 20 01:24:07 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: RT @Wyld_Dandelyon I _don #sffwrtcht Are we having a breakdown? (Thu Jun 20 01:24:29 +0000 2013)
Wyld_Dandelyon: I _don’t_ want to live in Kherishdar, but I love reading about it! (Sorry about the unintentional half-tweets!!!) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:24:46 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth You seem to cover a broad spectrum. Where did some of these ideas come from? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:24:56 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: My own uncertainty, I’m afraid. I write to address things I don’t understand, and am not sure of. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:25:07 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: To test my own beliefs, a lot. To make sense of the world. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:25:13 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I just like to dress my people in wings and tails and put them in spaceships and give them swords; #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:25:20 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: It makes it easier to consider the deeper issues when there’s already some distance between the reader and the characters. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:25:26 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @Wyld_Dandelyon Thanks for that. I needed a laugh. heh #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:25:34 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth Well, they say writing is a journey… Sounds like it’s true for you ;) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:25:55 +0000 2013)
talekyn: @sffwrtcht @mcahogarth Pssh. Snark is easy. Explaining to your nephew that you have to skip celebratory ice cream for #sffwrtcht is hard. (Thu Jun 20 01:26:20 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh boy. The novel that made me cry while writing it because it taught me I thought about going to med school? Left field there. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:26:23 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @mcahogarth So how many books are in each series? You have quite a few I know. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:26:27 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Yikes. There are a lot! I have about fifty titles up! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:26:45 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @talekyn @mcahogarth You SO could have brought the nephew and educated him about furries. Sigh #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:26:51 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I have a reading order… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:27:07 +0000 2013)
Jaleta_Clegg: #sffwrtcht Since Tweetdeck died, I’m having a hard time finding a replacement I can stand. Online Tweetdeck is annoying at best. Lurking… (Thu Jun 20 01:27:14 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: .@mcahogarth Ah ok, thanks. That’s helpful. How about: Outliner or pantser? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:27:34 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: RT @mcahogarth: I have a reading order… #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:27:42 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Pantser. I have a notion of beginning, end and some midpoints, but I write to find out how they happen. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:27:55 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: For the person who asked about art earlier: I often draw the scenes to come. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:28:07 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: My online art database is full of spoilers. >.< #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:28:18 +0000 2013)
zero88traff: RT @mcahogarth: I still get a lot of website traffic from the articles about it! The gift that keeps on giving. :D #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:28:28 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth So you’re an artist. Do you illustrate your books? do the covers yourself? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:28:48 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @Wyld_Dandelyon @Jaleta_Clegg I use Janetter. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:29:13 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I do a lot of them myself, but I also hire artists. I just got the fabulous @juliedillon to do my last! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:29:16 +0000 2013)
talekyn: @sffwrtcht @mcahogarth Oh yes. His mother would love that. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:29:19 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: You said you write fast. @mcahogarth How long do your novels typically take to write? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:29:53 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I write two styles: serial and direct-to-market. For the former, 1-2 years of leisurely updates. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:30:03 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: For the latter, between 2-4 months. Depending on RL. My last one took me 1.5 months. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:30:09 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: .@mcahogarth @sffwrtcht @BryanThomasS Bookmarked for future reference! Best place/website to buy/order physical copies of your books? (Thu Jun 20 01:30:19 +0000 2013)
talekyn: . @mcahogarth I hearby call this meeting of the League of Extraordinary Pantsers to order. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:30:24 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: It was about 450 pages. -_- #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:30:25 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @OfTheWilds @sffwrtcht @BryanThomasS Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, whatever your pleasure! :) (Thu Jun 20 01:30:41 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @mcahogarth Wow. That is fast. Takes me about 3-4 months for a book that size. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:30:59 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth Do you have any writing rituals or tools? Scrivener? Word? Something else? Do you write to music or silence? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:31:19 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: When I get going, I don’t stop. Not always good for my health since I work full time/have a five-year-old. :, #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:31:28 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Not really? I am scared to ritualize writing, because then I might not do it if everything’s not perfect. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:31:40 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I write in coffee shops, at home, standing up, sitting down. I write in rec centers and during work breaks. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:31:47 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I prefer silence, but that’s because I like to pay attention to the rhythm of the voice I’m writing in. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:31:54 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I do a lot of first person stuff. Everyone’s got a cadence. Music can impose its own cadence on yours. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:32:02 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: But I do make soundtracks for my books. I listen to them while driving/exercising. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:32:13 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: .@mcahogarth Heh. I use soundtracks because lyrics derail my focus. I want to sing along #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:33:02 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @OfTheWilds It certainly works that way for me! But RPGs taught me how to do that. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:33:06 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: @mcahogarth @sffwrtcht @BryanThomasS Smashwords has physical copies as well? Good to know. Any of those sites benefit you more than others? (Thu Jun 20 01:33:14 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I am an inveterate singer. Can’t have that while writing. >.< #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:33:23 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @OfTheWilds @sffwrtcht @BryanThomasS Smashwords is ebook only. (I have audiobooks too if you like those). (Thu Jun 20 01:33:39 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth Ok, now, marketing. Do you have a regular routine you follow or does it vary per book? What works for you? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:34:02 +0000 2013)
talekyn: @mcahogarth You write serials, and you’ve written shorts. Other than being an avowed Pantser, any differences in your process? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:34:03 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @talekyn No–serials taught me to trust my subconscious, and to let the characters move me toward the right ending. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:34:36 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @talekyn LOL You’ve refreshed your phrasing. Nice ;) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:34:39 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I often write serials the day I post them! So I’m learning the story at the same time as my readers. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:35:09 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Marketing. Mmph. I do not have a routine yet that I am happy with, results-wise. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:35:28 +0000 2013)
littlefluffycat: @BryanThomasS I get around the lyrics thing by using music in other languages. @mcahogarth #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:35:30 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @littlefluffycat I find other languages fascinating and want to puzzle them out…! I make a lot of conlangs. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:36:05 +0000 2013)
PrinceJvstin: @mcahogarth wow, how do you keep the discipline to get it done every day without having a “cushion” of serials done in advance? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:36:07 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @littlefluffycat @BryanThomasS @mcahogarth Good idea. I do that sometimes as well unless it’s songs i know. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:36:18 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @PrinceJvstin I just don’t want to disappoint my readers. I hate feeling like I’m failing them. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:36:31 +0000 2013)
talekyn: @BryanThomasS haha. Thanks. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:36:37 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth So what marketing techniques have worked best for you? #sffwrtcht That’s always a challenge for writers. (Thu Jun 20 01:36:58 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Kickstarter has actually been good marketing. So have the serials; they’ve been a big draw to my e-books/audiobooks/print. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:37:49 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth Kickstarters take PR too. I have done two successfully #sffwrtcht Anything you can teach us? (Thu Jun 20 01:38:48 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Basically every crowdfunding risk I’ve taken has paid off for me. #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:38:56 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh geez. I wrote an entire book about running Kickstarter campaigns, there’s so much I’ve learned. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:39:11 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: In the past year and a half, I’ve run 6 campaigns, and all 6 successfully funded. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:39:28 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Condensed, my advice is: keep it small and nimble, don’t overestimate your fanbase, and deliver on time. THEN DO IT AGAIN. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:40:01 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth I need to read this book #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:40:14 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: …and again and again and again– #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:40:18 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth Do you do all the videos, etc. yourself? Book layouts? Design? etc.? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:40:51 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: And on B&N somewhere, but nobody buys my work at B&N, lol. And Smashwords too. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:40:57 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I do my own videos, yes, God help me. I’m horrible at it, but people forgive me because I am apparently cute when embarrassed. :, #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:41:27 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: But I have a fantastic book designer who does my interiors. I do my own cover layout/design. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:41:46 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth LOL Heh Well you know, play up the advantages ;) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:41:54 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: And I have teams of loyal copy-editors and format-checkers. They are awesome. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:42:00 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @BryanThomasS Yes, I am Fluttershy on camera. -_- #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:42:19 +0000 2013)
PrinceJvstin: @mcahogarth well…everyone has problems finding stuff on B&N. #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:42:21 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @PrinceJvstin Yeah, they make discoverability almost impossible. :/ #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:42:35 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth B&N still thinks the stores are bread and butter so they are behind the take #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:42:58 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Honestly I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I wish they’d fix their problems. :/ #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:43:19 +0000 2013)
talekyn: @mcahogarth I know one small press publisher who is vocally anti-Kickstarter. I don’t understand it. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:43:22 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth You’ve also written nonfiction. Like the Kickstarter book and what else? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:43:27 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I don’t know why either! I love Kickstarter! It tripled my income last year! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:43:43 +0000 2013)
talekyn: RT @mcahogarth: Condensed, my advice is: keep it small and nimble, don’t overestimate your fanbase, and deliver on time. THEN DO IT AGAIN. … (Thu Jun 20 01:44:05 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I write nonfiction about my observations as a mom, too, but those are mostly blog-only. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:44:06 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Someone told me to collect them and publish them. I might do that if I ever get some spare time. (Hahahaha) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:44:33 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth Wow. Tripled income. Wish it could do that for me. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:45:21 +0000 2013)
talekyn: @mcahogarth To me, a good Kickstarter campaign is like accepting pre-orders. Seems worth it. Not that I’ve run one. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:45:23 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth What�s the best and worst writing advice you�ve ever gotten? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:45:45 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: As long as you’re good about calculating your expenses…it is like taking pre-orders. Capital = good! Artists so rarely have it. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:46:13 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Best advice: live life, really feel it. That’s where your ability to write believably comes from. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:46:22 +0000 2013)
PrinceJvstin: @mcahogarth free time? You have free time?! ;) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:46:23 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Worst: Give up if you can’t find an editor to buy your work. (For serious.) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:46:30 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: @PrinceJvstin Actually I have negative free time. -_- #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:46:45 +0000 2013)
Wyld_Dandelyon: I don’t feel tempted to preorder fr a traditional publisher; preordering through Kickstarter is different! I help make it happen. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:47:07 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth @PrinceJvstin What is this “free time” of which you speak? #sffwrtcht #foreignconcept (Thu Jun 20 01:47:08 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Yeah, I am working three jobs. I need to make that work out better before I meet myself coming. >.< #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:47:32 +0000 2013)
ShivaeStudios: RT @mcahogarth: I just like to dress my people in wings and tails and put them in spaceships and give them swords; #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:47:36 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth You’re so prolific. Do you ever get stuck? Any tips on getting through “writer’s block?” #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:47:48 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I don’t know. Writer’s block is so individual, sometimes. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:48:15 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: For me it’s often about me avoiding something. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:48:27 +0000 2013)
talekyn: RT @Wyld_Dandelyon: I don’t feel tempted to preorder fr a traditional publisher; preordering through Kickstarter is different! I help make … (Thu Jun 20 01:48:31 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth My fav recent quote on writing frm @thekja “I love the writing process. I’m w/ my imaginary frnds & I’m hurting them” #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:48:38 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: If I’m stuck, it’s because I’m afraid of moving forward with a story that’s upsetting or scaring or making me sad. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:48:43 +0000 2013)
talekyn: RT @mcahogarth: Best advice: live life, really feel it. That’s where your ability to write believably comes from. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:48:51 +0000 2013)
talekyn: RT @mcahogarth: As long as you’re good about calculating your expenses…it is like taking pre-orders. Capital = good! Artists so rarely ha… (Thu Jun 20 01:48:59 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: So I eat chocolate and tell myself it’s okay to be scared, see if it goes away. If I calm down, I write. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:49:10 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: If I don’t, I tell myself it’s okay to table that story and work on something I’m ready to handle. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:49:21 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: .@mcahogarth She proscribes chocolate. We like her :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:49:38 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: So I guess my advice about block is: always have lots of stories that need to be finished. Lol. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:49:48 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: @mcahogarth Every find yourself trying to work on one story, but unable to stop thinking about another? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:50:12 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth I work on multiple projects, too, and it does help #sffwrtcht Stuck on one, switch to another. (Thu Jun 20 01:50:15 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Oh yes. And if another story is calling strongly, I write it, usually. #sffwrtcht(Thu Jun 20 01:50:31 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth What future projects are you working on that we can look forward to? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:50:47 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: I have five? Six? settings right now that need sequels or Books 3, 4, whatever. Choosing the right one to finish can be hard. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:50:52 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: What am I not working on… #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:51:02 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: A sequel to Spots for my #spacemarines; more Kherishdar for fans of my fantasies of manners. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:51:11 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Kherishdar has some of my most devoted fans, so it’s important to me to revisit it often. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:51:29 +0000 2013)
KLeCrone: RT @mcahogarth: Condensed, my advice is: keep it small and nimble, don’t overestimate your fanbase, and deliver on time. THEN DO IT AGAIN. … (Thu Jun 20 01:51:32 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: This year is my Pelted year; I am finishing up the Earthrise trilogy and the Dreamhealers duology. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:51:34 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Last year it was my Jokka year. I finally finished a trilogy that’s been in the works for ten years. Good to get that done! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:52:04 +0000 2013)
BryanThomasS: @mcahogarth Tell us a bit about the premise of those if you can tweet such #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:52:12 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Earthrise is my space opera trilogy, about a merchant captain who ends up rescuing a space elf from slavers. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:52:45 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Hijinks ensue! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:52:53 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: Mindtouch starts a duology about two xeno-therapists (they’re psychiatrists for aliens). How they met in college. :) #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:53:16 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: My excuse to write a college novel with aliens and a cool major. :D #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:53:31 +0000 2013)
Jaleta_Clegg: @mcahogarth #sffwrtcht Sorry if this has been asked already, what’s your usual wordcount for a novel? (Thu Jun 20 01:53:48 +0000 2013)
OfTheWilds: @mcahogarth I’m at that point right now, lol. Working on several…writing one lately yet can’t get my mind off another. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:53:49 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth: That one is also my asexual/bromance sort of book. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:53:53 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: .@mcahogarth Audio books. What’s the process for getting those made as an independent author? #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:54:41 +0000 2013)
emccoy_writer: .@mcahogarth Now we can all stop shaking you for the Jokka sequels! They finally fell out! ;D #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:54:46 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Please `Like� our Facebook group: #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:55:05 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Future Guests 6/26 @PaulSKemp 7/3 Roundtable: Humor @AShvartsman 7/10 @MichaelJMartinez 7/17 @KateElliottSFF 7/24 @ScSpeakman #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:55:18 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Next week, we welcome back @paulskemp, 3rd time guest to talk abt his latest S&S book & new #forgottenrealms! Join us live! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:55:57 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: @mcahogarth I’ve always been curious how one goes about getting audio books done well. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:56:45 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Wondering if @mcahogarth got put in twitter jail, folks. #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 01:58:22 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: . @MCAHogarth can be found online at http://, on Twitter and on Goodreads. #sffwrtcht Please check out her stuff. (Thu Jun 20 01:58:41 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: Big thanks to producer @kaolinfire for getting our transcript engine working again this week! #sffwrtcht #roundofapplause (Thu Jun 20 01:59:30 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: And all, next week we have a return guest 3x ‘er, so please come up with some new, interesting questions #sffwrtcht for @paulskemp ok? (Thu Jun 20 02:00:18 +0000 2013)
sffwrtcht: A transcript for this chat will be up at the website soon. Thanks for joining us! #sffwrtcht (Thu Jun 20 02:00:53 +0000 2013)
mcahogarth:My typical novels are between 110K and 200K. Average is 140K. #sffwrtcht
mcahogarth:I use ACX to produce my audiobooks. They’ve been fantastic. #sffwrtcht



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